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Reason to Smile

Got Ice?

So Jeff went to Home Depot today on the way home from work and couldn't find a fan for outside, I stopped and asked our neighbor where he got his and he said Home Depot, so I will have to look online. Jeff did get a big tarp and covered a side of the girls pen so they will have more shade.

I also added ice into their water bowl several times today, that was hilarious.  

Check this out.

002 copy
Alice: "Hey Clara, what the heck is in our water bowl?"

004 copy
Clara: "I don't know. Hey Stella come check this out"

005 copy
Stella: "I think they are big fat worms! Quick get them out of our water as fast as you can!"

Maybe you wanna see it for yourself?


They are so silly, the water won't stay cool if the ice is on the ground.

Fiji preferred to hang out by the ice block.

006 copy

Alice was fine today, so that is good. I hope she was just having an off day yesterday.

So Eric and I went to see Madagascar 3, it was fun just the two of us. He is a goofball, I swear...he must take after his father...ha! I kept singing that circus song from the commercials on the way to the when they did it for real in the movie, Eric laughed.  It was cute.  We just saw the regular movie not the 3-D one, cause I don't wanna be wearing someone elses 3-D glasses. I could tell where the 3-D would be happening in the movie a few times.

There was a bunch of women all sitting along one wall behind a rope and I am thinking they were there for Magic Mike...ha! They allowed a line outside of the Brave movie door (kids mostly) so maybe they didn't want to mix the two lines...if you catch my drift.

Well this old gal has iced and then moist heated her arm.  MAMMa and Vinnie were telling me I should ask for a cortisone shot...yikes! But if it would make the pain go away that would be awesome.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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