Summer Afternoon
Only Three More Days...

New Digs for the Girls

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So today Jeff finished the girls new pen, the weather has been gorgeous this weekend so that has helped. Here he is finishing up the roof.  We have them totally enclosed so nothing can get them from all angles.

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Here it is from this side.  You can see the coop fits perfect in there and they can run all the way around it.  Jeff took the original door off it so they can go in and out as they want, he also still has that other little small hole that they used to use to go into their side run so they go in and out there too.

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Another angle, Jeff put an old saw horse in there if they want to roost on it.  He might have to make a ladder to get up to it.

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This is a fun picture cause it shows their old side run beside the new what a difference eh?

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Here they are, and I tried to take it through the chicken wire.  They are picking on Fiji a bit, but they are just going to have to work it out, at least now there is enough room they can get away from each other.  Tonight they are all roosting together so I am hoping all will be well eventually. Jeff is going to run water to the side and put in a leveling water thing so that we don't have to use the plastic water thing. He can have it for the Chuk-lets when he moves them to their pen.

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When Jeff is not building chicken yards he is the grill master.  He made BBQ ribs for supper.  Yum.

Oh and the little chukar that got under the counter...too funny, when Jeff went to open the barn this morning he could hear them making a racket and he was wondering what was going on.  That little one that had got loose, had flown up and was pacing back and forth at the brooder trying to help the others escape...ok not really, he was trying to get back in with his syblings, and they were all sqwaking. So after chasing it in the barn and even all the way around the outside of the barn he finally caught it and got it back inside the brooder.  

Well this old gal is off to bed.  It's after midnight.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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