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If you get my blog post in your email from Feedblitz, make sure that if you need to email me, you use my email address and not the feedblitz address.  My email address is: digibbs@stampingwithdi.com  (Somehow I can't get a link to work). Patty (Hi Patty) emailed me to tell me that she had been trying to reach me but using the feedblitz one and I don't know where they go. So I am glad she was patient and tracked me down.

I wanted to share another fun swap I got from Meg (Megumi) Holland...thanks Meg!  It is so cute, and I love the bling, and the texture, and the framelits...everything.

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Cute eh?

OK onward to American Idol....stop reading if you have not seen it...oh and to my Eastcoast readers, please remember I see it three hours later than you do, so please don't email me tomorrow with who wins. Thanks!!

Here's my 2 cents, and I am using two new pennies with that shield on the back that makes me think of Captain America.

The Idols were singing 3 songs, the first one was picked by Simon Fuller, I think he sells brushes...lets hope he can pick good songs. The second song was the Idols choice of one they sang this season, and the third one was the song that Philp the Idol will sing after they win.

They threw a coin to see who goes first and Jessica did.

So she sang a Whitney Houston song and she does have a beautiful voice don't get me wrong when I criticize her, she just stands there and sings and she is so boring, I want movement, I want excitement, I want to be entertained and she just does not do it.

Phillip sang Stand by Me and I love how he makes each song his own, and stays true to himself.

I say Round 1 goes to Phillip...the judges (Randy and J-Lo need to retire) said Jessica was the better.

Next up I was hoping that Jessica would sing a fun song that she could move around the stage and sing...nope she sang another boring slow stand there and sing song. I mean get a chair already.

Phillip sang one of my favorites from this year except that Segar one he knocked out of the ballpark last week, and it was Billy Joel's, Moving Out and he was totally awesome.

I say Phillip won round two, the judges were split...I wish they'd split.

Then the third song was the one they will sing if they win, and Jessica's was basically forgettable, the only thing I remember is she sat on the piano, she had on 10" spiky heeled boots that I kept thinking how can you walk in those, I mean you must basically walk on your toes right? It was boring, and the judges were telling her it was the wrong song blah!blah! Do the Idols pick their last song?

Phillip's song was awesome, it had me tapping my head, the audience standing and clapping, and I would totally buy that song tomorrow.  So I voted till I almost wore the battery out of my phone.  Phillip has to win.

Oh speaking of buying music I picked up Adam Lambert's new CD today, I only listened to a few songs so far, and I love what I have heard, I love the freaky crazy pictures inside the lyric book, and Adam in case you read my blog...ha!ha!...ok I peed a little...thanks for putting the lyrics in the book, I think it should be a law they do that.  It sure helps this old deaf woman I can tell you that.

OK I better get my butt to bed.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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