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At Leadership this year (if I remember correctly) we got the stamp set Everything Eleanor, and we got it in clear mount.  Which if you are new to my blog and new to Stampin' Up! this only means they mount on the acrylic blocks and are repositionable.  It is the same rubber that we use for the wood mount, it just has a different foam backing on it, so you can take it on and off.  This is awesome if you have space issues for your stamps. Ok back to the story.  I am a wood girl, this old dog hates new tricks...well some of them.  I love we offer the two styles but I love mounting my stamps once and not having to do it everytime.  Plus I teach lots of classes and I find this is easier for me.  So anyway, I have to wait to exchange my Everything Eleanor set for a wood mount one because it wasn't a current set...yet.  Yay! June 1 it will be.  So till then I will look lovingly at this gorgeous card made by the so very talented Mary Ellen Byler.  Thanks Mary Ellen.

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Gorgeous eh?

So I am typing with my mouse on a piece of chipboard with a mouse pad on it sitting on my lap. My right neck and shoulder are still killing me and I think it is cause my arm is too high up when I am typing, so it feels better if I work the mouse when it is lower. I don't know why I don't move the laptop somewhere else I mean gee I can unplug it...ha!

Did you watch House tonight?  Jeff and I used to watch it and I can't remember why we stopped, maybe they changed it to a different night or something. Anyway, I was a little confused when he was seeing people he said were dead cause I didn't know they were dead cause of not watching the show. Then he was seeing people that were not was fun to see the blond girl from Once Upon a Time back on there. Not sure if she was on there regularily lately or just tonight.  I love seeing Sela Ward but oh no did she have her face worked on? I hope not, she was beautiful without it.  Anyway I like how it ended. Did you?

So Idol is on Tuesday night so I have to remember to watch it...Phillip better kick some Jessica butt. She can not win.

OK this old gal is off to bed.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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