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Don't Read if You Haven't Seen American Idol

In fact I had to start over as I put the answer in the blog title...ha!

What an amazing (well most of the the last 3 minutes) show.

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

I loved seeing all the Idols in their white and silver...Jeff said "who is that older woman?" and I was like "that's Erika, remember Tommy made her cut her hair and dye it black?"  Nice to see her blond again, but still feel bad they did that to her.

Then I thought Toby stepped on the remote and changed the station to "So You Think You Can Dance" cause all these people were dancing and flipping around when the guys were singing, poor Joshua even tried to do some fancy stuff but they gave him some slippery shoes and I was afraid he was gonna hurt himself.

Then Phillip sang with John Fogerty (who has a nice head of dark hair for his age), and they sang Bathroom on the Right, Bad Moon Rising. It was a great way to start the show.

Then Joshua sang with Fantasia, and OMG!!! this had to be more reason to fire Tommy Hillfiger if he had anything to do with Fantasia's outfit.  I love her, but come on people. A woman that size should not be wearing a unitard with slit down sides.  She had long long hair but it was not long enough to cover "stuff". I mean that outfit needed to be worn by like a size 2 person.

Then the girls sang and then Chaka Khan came out and she must have thought well heck if Fantasia can wear a unitard, I am wearing one too. At the end of all the singing, Randy stood up and was yelling something, I think it was "put on a skirt!!" Doesn't Tommy Hillfiger sell skirts? How about a long coat?

Then Rhianna sang and at least she had her "stuff" covered up. This is not my kind of music.  At the end she yelled "I Love You Idol" and did this sexy thing with her tongue, maybe that was her job interview in case J-Lo decides to quit.

Then Skylar and Reba sang, now this is my kinda music and they had a blast. Reba looks adorable as usual. I loved her sensible heeled boots.

They did this crazy thing with Steven Tyler's Lair or Love Shack and the subtitles on the tv said Steven and his floss, but it was Steven and his sloth...well have you seen Steven's white teeth? Floss might have made more sense and not been so creepy, did you see the nails on that thing?

Then the boys sang again and it was nice to see Colton, Deandrea not so much.  Neil Diamond came out and sang with them...didn't he sing last year? I have never seen so many people wiggle their fingers on the mic as this year, I mean they don't even do it to the beat so I don't know why they do it. Then afterwards Ryan made sure to mention Neil was touring.  We were wondering where J-Lo was cause she was not in her seat for a while, and I was hoping she was not going to be singing later, hadn't we already listened to her twice this year? Maybe her and Rhianna were duking it out in the back over who was going to be the female judge next year.

Then they teased Randy that he always says people can sing the phone book, so the Idols dressed in church choir robes sang the phone book and it was too funny, at one point Joshua starts really singing and getting down and they all shut up and just watched him, it was good.

Then my worst fears came true, J-Lo was going to sing a couple songs. In some sort of gangster droopy drawer outfit.  I picked up my phone and was texting back and forth to Marjori (hey sister!), Jeff went out to turn the heat lamp on the chukars, and I might have even cleaned the bathroom...anything to not have to listen or watch that.

Then they had some marriage proposal from past American Idol people...meanwhile I am thinking couldn't this show be over all ready? Couldn't poor Phillip be having kidney surgery by now? But nope, it continued...

Hollie sang with Jordan sparks, finally a nice duet, and they looked beautiful.

The boys sang a beautiful tribute to Robin Gibb, and boy that Joshua sure can sing, he finished it off nice.

Then Jessica sang with a Jennifer Holliday and I might have nightmares tonight. At first I didn't know if she was lip singing cause noise seemed to be coming when she was not singing. It was a bunch of screeching and weird faces, and it was dueling banjos of the yelling.  I thought it was a horrible racket, I was thinking of a thing Granny used to say "if you are singing for me, you can shut up anytime".  J-Lo stood up and applauded. I just didn't get it...sorry.

Then it was Steven Tylers turn and Aerosmith performed, I didn't know the first song, but I definitely knew the second one, and it was nice to hear them, but when you are 80 years old you shouldn't wear a shiny bronze shirt cause you could see Steven's rolls.

Then 5 hours later they dimmed the lights and announced the winner and the winner was YEAH!!!! Phillip Phillips, and I cried, and then the Idols came on to hug him and someone said Jessica you got runner up, and I don't know who said it or why.  Then Ryan handed Phillip his guitar and he was to sing his song but he only sang a few bars and broke down crying and couldn't go on...then I was bawling, and then he took off his guitar, he gave it to one of the other Idols I think and he went down to his Mum and Dad and hugged them.  Such an amazing ending to quite a year of Idol.

Here is the song and I could listen to it all day....



What did YOU think? Are you glad Phillip won? Did you like the show?

This is the original singer of "Home" Greg Holden, singing a different song, wow he is amazing too.


Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in...even on those days I only blabber...Mwah!!!

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