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Another Quickie

Shabby Baby!

Another great day. My BFF Tracy and I headed over to Chandler to an antique mall and found some awesome stuff. She loved the store! Then after 4 HOURS!!!, yes we were there for four hours!!! It just flew by, we then headed over to Apache Junction and Mesa to hit three more places.  We were meeting Jeff and Eric for supper at our favorite German restaurant The Bavarian Point.

Here's some of our goodies we got:

001 copy
I had a plain black frame by my laptop to write my to-do list on and I couldn't resist picking up this shabby chic one.  I just put some of our Mocha Morning Specialty paper in it and then I write on the glass with a chalk marker, it just wipes off with a kleenex (or half the time I use my finger). I love it.  

003 copy
I couldn't resist this cute shabby magazine holder, it is just small enough to hold a few magazines.  I put it in Tracy's room, she is calling it that till my Mum comes.

004 copy
I couldn't resist these cute small odd shaped jars. As Tracy kept saying all day "they're practically giving them away" when she would look at the price.

005 copy
I got a cute assortment of mirrors that will go in Tracy's room too.  I need to clean them up as one still has the price sticker on it.

007 copy
I love doilies, especially the ones Granny made me.   Since Granny can't make them anymore I look at them from time to time at antique stores (note to Jacqui send some of Granny's you don't want with Mum ok?), so I loved this heart shaped one.

008 copy
Not sure yet what I will put in this, but I could not say no, I need to polish it up...any suggestions what to put in it?  Might end up being jewelry on my dresser...but if you were to think of a Stampin' Up! product what would you put in here?

Here we all are at the restaurant, I was a dork and didn't have the flash on my phone...I thought it was on auto but it was on off...oops!

The BFF's...oh and I got the pearls shopping today too...don't they go great with my t-shirt? Ha!

Tracy and Eric, he even shaved for her.  Well the side of his face and his mustache...he has grown attached to the beard...or would it be the other way around?

My cutie patootie hubby Jeff.  We got to the restaurant just in time, no one was there and then almost all the tables were full within 15 minutes.

Makes me mad I didn't have the flash on, they are so dark...pooper scooper! Looks like I'll be taking more tomorrow when we go to the Deli to eat.  It will be Tracy's last chance before she goes home.  Her visit is going way too fast!

Well I better say night night and get to bed.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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