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Wendie's Wonderful Wak

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003 copy

OK so that really should be RAK (random act of kindess) but then it would not be as I am pretending that Elmer Fudd is reading the blog title, you know him and that wascally wabbit?

Jeff and I went to see Hunger Games tonight, well it was actually 3:30 in the afternoon, and I was surprised how many people were in the theater.  It was really good, and I think they did a great job, and the girl that plays the main character Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence did such an awesome job and I bet she would have been perfect as Bella in Twilight, much better than Kristen Stewart, although now it would be hard to think of anyone else in the role.

I wanted to share this cute card I got from Wendie Waldman, she and a bunch of her ladies came to our Spring Fling and she sent me this card as a thank you, how sweet eh? Thanks Wendie!

I still can't figure out how to get a good picture when the color red is involved, so I apologize to Wendie that her card does not look as gorgeous on here as it does in real life.

001 copy

Do not forget that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!! Yeah it kinda looks like I am yelling, but I kinda am.  Sale-a-Bration ends TODAY!!! So please do not email me on Sunday with your order, it needs to go in today. 

So I won't jabber anymore so you have time to sit down and figure out that last order. Please don't miss out.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.


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Whole Lotta Love

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Those of you that don't watch American Idol I just had to share Elise's song from the other night, she did such an amazing job, I play it over and over.

Did you watch the results tonight? If not don't read anymore.

Here's my 2 cents on the show...

They started off bringing up Elise, Phillip (Squared) and Hollie, and then they listened to Jimmy's critique.

Hollie was in the bottom three, I didn't see that coming...but when they grouped these three together I picked her cause she was the weakest of them.

Then I thought we had switched over to a "got milk" commercial, but then I realized it was just Nicki Minaj (had to google her name) and her boosums singing to us...why she wore what looked like a small bathing suit top is beyond me, especially when you are dancing and jumping around, it's a wonder she didn't give herself whiplash or a black eye. Also half the time she was not even singing but I think we still heard her on the speakers right?  I don't know this artist and I don't even consider that music...sorry I am telling my opinion. It was just weird, I was really hoping for Stevie Nicks to sing tonight.

Then Colton, Joshua and Heejun were up and Heejun was in the bottom three.

Then Scotty McCreery sang his new song and I felt it odd that not once did he hold the microphone in that weird sideways hold he always did last year.  Wonder why? Was it a gimmick? Did his PR people say enough already?

Then we had Skylar, Deandre, and Jessica up and Skylar was in the bottom three...yikes over Deandre? Are you kidding me? I mean they can both go home but Deandre has to be next...blech!

So then it came down to who had to sing to stay on, and it was Heejun, and the judges did not use their one save to save him, which if they had of I might have turned off the TV since they didn't use it for Erika last week.  I am still wondering who they will use it on.

I'm glad I didn't turn off the TV cause I watched Touch and it was sooo good.  I need to see how many episodes I have missed cause I think it must all connect.

Well that is it for me, I gotta hit the hay.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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Pertie Gertie's Polka Dots

009 copy

Tonight will be a quick post.

I wanted to show you Gertie's eggs, I love them with the brown polka dots on them.  Sometimes I would love to see what kind of babies they would have if we ever got a rooster, but I have heard that it is not really pleasant for them, so I say why make them not be comfortable just because of my curiosity. 

IMG_20120204_140001 copy
Pretty eh? Oh and did you see I finally updated the egg count for the girls? If you get my blog post in your email box, or through a reader you have to actually go to my blog to see it.  Look over in the left hand column, they are busy girls.

This is another card from a class I did a while ago, it is a case and a tweak of a card from my friend Karen Barber, thanks Karen!!
008 copy

So I got my taxes done, and need to run them to the accountant tomorrow, then run a few errands when I am in town, then get back home. My Mum is coming to visit, and I can hardly wait, so I have lots to get done before she gets here so that I will be able to take some time off when she is here.

So, you didn't think I forgot did you?

My two cents of critiquing from tonight's American if you didn't see it yet, please do not read any further...

The Idols got to sing the songs they wanted to sing and Jimmy had his friend Stevie Nicks help him mentor the singers. I love her, want a super star she is eh?  Oh and doesn't Jimmy look sick? He looks so thin.

I loved how the Idols stood on the stage at first and they all were in black, gray and white and they just looked so elegant.

Colton was up first, and I loved how Stevie told him if anyone told him to cut his hair he was to tell them to back off, or something like that.  Unfortunately she was one week too late, as Erika could have used that advice last week.  So Colton sang, and basically he had me with the violins, I am a sucker for them.  I didn't know the song but it didn't matter.  He was # 1 guy tonight.

Skylar was next, and actually she was not bad as this Miranda Lambert song is right up her alley.  She bounces all over the place and its like she can hardly contain herself. I say bottom three.

They did some Trio singing, the first group was Elise, Colton and Phillip, and they were amazing, and sang Stevie Nicks songs.

Heejun sang next and he took it more serious this week and sounded pretty good, I say bottom three.

Hollie was up next, and it was sad when she rehearsed and Stevie talked about her Mum just dieing and she cried, and that made me cry.  Hollie did a pretty good job tonight.

The stage props and lighting is just amazing, I didn't watch Idol way back when, but I don't think they did all this right?

So there was a guy on there (I don't know who he was, cause I am old and this new fangled music I just don't listen to) talking about a song for Coke and he had a broken neck, but he was standing and walking.  I would be scared if that was me. Ryan hinted he might be dating Jordin Sparks cause they were sitting together with Dionne Warwick who was seriously rocking that white hair!!

Then ugh Deandre sang, and I hate when he sings falsetto (I can't even spell falsetto), and he practically sang the whole song that way.  J-Lo even said you don't hear that every day, well dear there is a reason, cause it would get old fast.  I say bottom three. No way will he be American Idol, I am just giving my opinion but who wants to listen to a whole album sang high like that?  Can you say ouch my ears are bleeding?

Jessica was next and I don't know who Sasha Fierce is, I'll have to Google or Pandora her and I think the song Jessica sang will be different, as they said she changed it.  It was great, and I think she was dressed too grown up.

So they had these @signs with the singers names on the screen after they sang, and I don't remember once did they say what those were for.  Again I am old, is that for twitter or something? I thought that was a #sign.

They did more Trio's with Heejun, Deandre and Joshua and they sang Micheal Jackson songs, and not the most popular ones either. In the infamous words of the past judge better known as Simon, it was very karaoke.

Phillip was up, him and that vein in his forehead, my BFF Tracy says she hopes it never pops.  I didn't know the song, but it was perfect for him. He reminds me alot of Joe Cocker.

Joshua was up next and the song was beautiful and his jacket was too small, and no crying Joshua!!! This whole night was an emotional one, and the judges gave standing ovations 5 times I think.

They did another trio of Hollie, Skylar and Jessica and they sang Madonna songs, and again Sylar was bouncing all over the stage, someone start giving this girl decaffeinated coffee.

Elise was the last girl to sing and OMG! she rocked it! She did a Zepplin song and was amazing. She was the #1 girl tonight. I am so glad she got out of the bottom three. She even was wearing the same pants as Steven Tyler.

I voted for Colton, Phillip & Elise.

Well this old gal is off to bed, I stopped reading Game of Thrones (its over 3K pages) the new Black Dagger Book came out and I just had to get it, and it is so good so far, and really I will have it read in no time and be back to the Game of Thrones one.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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So Much Talent

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Today while I worked on my taxes (I'm almost done) I multi-tasked, and my hubby will be the first one to say I don't know how to do this, and well maybe I can't cause anyway after I put one load of wash in when I went to take it out and put it in the dryer I realized I must have washed like a pocket pack of kleenexes or something, it had to have been in my Stampin' Up! apron cause I also had jeans of Jeff's in there and he does not use kleenexes, I won't even tell you how he blows his nose...outside...I think it comes from being a farmer.  Anyway, I got everything in the dryer and this is the mess from the lint trap and then from shaking off the dried clothes.

Crazy eh?  But what is weird is some of them almost look whole. Not that I am using them, but still. So next time I better check the pockets better. I guess there could be worse things to wash/ gum...or other things eh Tandra?

At Leadership, Stampin' Up! had a contest and you could submit a card using the stamp sets in the mini catalog and they set up clothes lines and you had to find the place to hang your card. I loved the idea that we could hang our own stuff up, but sometimes people would move something and then the clothes line would go boing! boing! when you were taking your picture so that was not good.

Here are some more samples of the displays that Stampin' Up! had showing the new Bigz Dies.

Leadership 2012 123 copy
I love this tree using a pot, and the new Dresen Designs Bigz Die, this would be a great class at Christmas time wouldn't it?

Leadership 2012 124 copy
Love the little flags on top and the heart banners going around.

Leadership 2012 127 copy
Another new die is the Elegant Bird, and she looks darling with her pearls and the little tassled hat, her feet is a paperclip.

Here's some of the awesome samples that Demonstrators submitted, I don't know whose is whose, but I know you will enjoy them and be inspired like I was. Addes since original post, I had a few people email saying thats my card, or this is so and so's cool, I can put names.

Leadership 2012 112 copy

Love the layers on this one. I thought it was Kimberly Van Diepen's but ya never know and Teresa said it was.

Leadership 2012 115 copy
I really think the only way to do this Doily stamp is to emboss it, it looks so real and believe me Granny tried to teach me to crochet pineapples, I only did one (one pineapple, not one doily!!!) and I was a nervous wreck, cause I was holding my fingers wrong when I was holding the needles...ha!

Leadership 2012 116 copy
Oh man, there's that set and DSP I love so much! This is Sharon Madsen's card (I hope I got her last name right)

Leadership 2012 118 copy
So cute, the layers, the flowers, the cutting out of the words.

Leadership 2012 119 copy
These two were very similar, so either the same person did them and submitted two cards, or maybe two girlfriends did them together, either way I love them both. Yay! I was right the same talented girl did these and her name is Diane Stader...thanks for hollering at me girls!!!

Well I better get back to the calculator...oh a little tidbit of advice, don't get the cheap recycled adding machine rolls, they are too thin, so they just spin and don't feed right...grrr....sorry Mother Nature, I tried.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Only a Few More Days!

Sale-a-Bration is almost over! Free goodies with every $50.00 order.

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I can't believe that Sale-a-Bration is almost over. I am sure going to miss the Everyday Enchantment DSP, and the Elementary Elegance Stamp Set.

Today I finally got started on my taxes, I am about half done. Don't know why I procrastinate, if I did it throughout the year it would be easier.  Will this year be the year that I do my files quarterly?  I hope so.

So since I have stacks of papers everywhere I did not stamp at all today, and we even had pizza for supper. So how be I share some Sale-a-Bration samples from when I was at Leadership.  I don't know why I didn't share them before now.  At least you still have time to get these Sale-a-Bration freebies, plus there are a few that I totally want to make.

Leadership 2012 133 copy
I love the Lolly on here, and the crown, and of course the DSP.

Leadership 2012 134 copy
OK, so I am totally making this box, or maybe I'll make it into a card. Isn't it gorgeous?

Leadership 2012 135 copy
What's better then a hot dog on a stick?  How about a Lolly on a stick!

Leadership 2012 136 copy
I love this page, and especially how the words are stamped and cut out and popped on the Elementary Elegance stamp.

Leadership 2012 137 copy
Too cute the little basket with the bobbins and pins.

Leadership 2012 138 copy
Love the Embossed images on the butterflies!

Leadership 2012 139 copy
This one is so Country & Western, it reminds me of a pair of blue jeans and an old faded flannel shirt...Yeehaw!

Leadership 2012 140 copy 
I love all the details on this, and all the textures and layers.

Leadership 2012 141 copy
Good bye DSP, I will miss you...but hey you still have through the end of the month to get a pack.

Plus wouldn't you love to go to Convention with me in July so you can take pictures of the displays yourself, and not have to wait for me to share them months later?  You can still join for only $125.00 through the end of the month too.  I would love to have you join my family of Demonstrators.

SAB Demo Kit Sign

Well as much as I would like to keep showing samples, I'll have to find more for tomorrow, I am thinking one more day and the taxes will be done.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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