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Sale a Bration 2012
It's Here & It's Awesome!

So when we were at Leadership Rhonda and I shared a room, she is a fun roomate and even though we would try to get to sleep before midnight it never happened, heck we would be playing Words with Friends back and forth with each other, and laughing and being all silly.

Well the first few nights we were like ugh these pillows are rock hard.  So after the third night my neck was killing me.  I had commented about the pillows to a demonstrator in the elevator and she said hers were nice and soft so then I thought huh could we ask for different pillows?  So that day I called the service number and asked and they said sure did I want foam or feathers, so we picked feathers, and it was much better, but after three nights of sleeping on a brick my neck was in bad shape, fast forward a few days and I get home to lots of paper to cut and lots of computer work, and that means mouse work with my right arm, so today I got up and could barely move my head, so I was back and forth with a heating pad and frozen corn on my neck all day.  It still sends shooting pains if I move it wrong, I hope it is better tomorrow.

So today while I stamped I might have looked like I was trying to be fashionable with a scarf on my neck but it actually was tied around the heating pad so I could work.  If I went too far away from the plug in I had to unplug myself and put the plug in in my pocket. Ha!  Notice I figured out I could take a picture of myself with my cell phone...and I was trying to not get my chicken neck...ha! Speaking of cell phone I am not loving my Samsung as much as I loved my Droid, it is not loud enough and I have trouble hearing with it and it is turned up as loud as it will go.  I think I am passed the exchange date so I believe I am stuck with it.

I wanted to show a few of my favorite swaps from Leadership. 

Mandy Grant
This is a cute MDS hybrid card by Mandy Grant

Barbara Dykhouse
Look at this shabby chic one by Barbara Dykhouse!

Barbara Lash bottle
My sweet friend Barbara Lash gave me some sweets!

Jennifer Turoff
This card makes me very "angry" and it is from Jennifer Turoff

So I am doing pretty good in regards to watching what I eat.  I have not lost anything yet, but they say only weigh yourself once a week and on the same day and time, right MAMMa?  Oh and I keep saying this in my head....quoting MAMMa "We eat to live, we don't live to eat"  

I'll share more swaps another day, I need to get my butt to bed.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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Some of the Loot

I know you are probably sick of me when I talk about losing weight, heck I'm sick of me saying it. But today I started a diet, is it a diet if it is not on a plan? How about I started eating better/smarter/healthier. I was going to join Weight Watchers but Jeff wants me to try to lose weight on my own...well not on my own, MAMMa, Rhonda, Mel and I are going to support each other while we try to lose weight.  Jeff printed up a piece of paper that said the cost of losing weight and then it was all the different plans, gotta love google eh?  So I need to be serious about it before I pay any money, so today I did really good I ate sensible. Vegetables and fruit a bit of meat at supper, and even though it is only one day, I did feel better and not so bloated and well crappy.  

I wanted to show you some of the loot I brought back from Leadership and Regionals. Stampin' Up! sure knows how to spoil us.

Leadership 2012 443 copy
Our awesome tote, and matching notebook/nook holder, and all the stamp sets, DSP, accessories etc.

020 copy
Look how cute it is, and even signed by Shelli, she had to have had carpal tunnel after signing all of those.

022 copy
It opens up and has lots of room.  This is new fabric probably from the new catalog.

024 copy
Look how cute it is with my Nook and a notepad in it.

023 copy
This little flap opens up and there is a little pocket there for pens, or kleenex or whatever.

Leadership 2012 057 copy
I had already shown you the tote but did you see this? Its an adorable flower that has a button hole in the center and it just goes over the button...genius! And who is the genius that made it?

Leadership 2012 276 copy
My friend Melanie Hopes is the genius and she is the one that designed the totes too.  She is amazing.

Leadership 2012 121 copy
Look at this beautiful quilt she made using the new Dresden Designs die that is in the new mini catalog. She also stamps up a storm and her card was actually chosen as one of the winners of the contest that SU! had. Check out this beauty.

Leadership 2012 278 copy
And the card aint bad either.

Leadership 2012 279 copy
The outside.

Leadership 2012 280 copy
Opening it up to show off the flap.

Leadership 2012 281 copy
Open all the way. No wonder she won eh?

It was great hanging out and visiting with you Melanie, can't wait to see you at Convention!

So after I got home and uploaded my pictures, I was like what the heck? My hair looked like crap, I am growing it out and at home in AZ it looks fine.  Add the humidity of San Antonio and the fact the bathroom in the hotel had no fan or ventilation, and it was horrible there.  Like didn't I look in the mirror? OMG!

Well I better get to bed it is after midnite, I have been working on Stamp Club cards and the time got away from me.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Sale-a-Bration Starts Today!

Sale a Bration 2012


I am so excited that Sale-a-Bration (SAB) is here again, and this year is better than ever.
There are Stamp Sets, Designer Series Paper, Ribbons & Brads, Buttons, Fabric, Embossing Folders and so much more that you can pick FOR FREE!

Yes, with every $50.00 order (before tax and shipping) you will get to pick one SAB item for free.  If you place an order of $150.00 before tax and shipping you not only get 3 SAB items, but you also will get $25.00 in free merchandise from the catalog and an adorable tote bag**!


** Please note to get the tote bag (with a qualifying $150.00 workshop) or the SAB bundle (with a qualifying $400.00 workshop), I have to put the order in for you, online orders won't be eligible for the items.  So if your order is $150.00 or more, please email it to me, and I can enter it for you, I can get your credit card information, and we'll be set.  I just wanted to give you a heads up.


If you have been thinking about becoming a Demonstrator, I would love to have you join my team. I have Demonstrators all over the US, and in fact Stampin' Up! has announced their Spring Regionals and there is one in Phoenix on February 11.  Want to join me?


You can sign up to become a Demonstrator for only $125.00 - that is a $50.00 savings! Don't forget when you join my team, you always get to choose an extra stamp set (as a gift from me) to help you get another goodie to add to your Demonstrator kit.


Plus if you join my team during Sale-a-Bration, Stampin' Up! is offering you a free paper pack or digital download every month (starting in February) for the rest of the year!


Signing up is easy, you can do it online at my website and start placing orders for you and your friends today!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Double egg picture

P.S. Don't forget my DOUBLE  Country Dozen Reward points end today, January 24 at midnight.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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This One Is Fitting...

...or perhaps non-fitting since my pants are getting tighter. I really ate like a bad girl while I was gone too.  Rhonda and I kept saying, when we get back home we were dieting. This page shows the amazing food from Founder's Circle.  I'll just look at it and oogle it from time to time.

My Project 21-012

Got home Sunday night from San Antonio, what an awesome Leadership and Regional event.  I am so wiped out though.  

Don't forget tomorrow (the 24th) is the last day for Double Reward Points it is also the first day of Sale-a-Bration!

So I am headed to bed so I can get up bright and early and get started on some fun new ideas I have rolling around in my head.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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