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Forever Lazy

Where was this commercial before Christmas? Then maybe I could have got out of my pajamas on Christmas day and into a spanking new pair of Forever Lazy duds! I mean we could have all gotten a matching pair and played games all day...that is what they were doing on the commercial. They were even wearing them at tail gate parties, and the guy was going into a public restroom wearing his...I mean it has to be true right? Next year they'll have an addition to them...sewn in Depends so you don't even need to take that potty break...ha!

As I was lounging all day today I saw the commercial for Forever Lazy...seems that the Snuggly people have reinvented themselves, no more trying to keep your snuggly on looking like Harry Potter in a cloak...there are now leggs, can't remember if there were feet or not, arms and a zipper, might even have a butt zipper too...seems to me that we all had a pair of these as a kids...I remember as we got bigger and they started getting tighter in the crotch area, we just cut the feet off to give us a few more months of wearing...ha!

So as I was lounging, and eating and lounging some more, we had the Food Network on and it said that Iron Chef was going to have the new Iron Chef Kazarian on and it was tonight, and I was like "I thought that was on Sunday?" Jeff just looked at me with one eye brow in the air...oh yeah this is Sunday, ha!

Not only was I forgetting it was Sunday that also meant I was forgetting about Mimeograph Monday, so forgive me my friends, I am gonna make this be an easy post and will come back to Mimeograph Monday next week.

Thanks so much for all the sweet Merry Christmas emails, I love them.

Have a great Boxing Day, my fellow Canadians! Me, I will get real clothes but I will be staying home...none of that crazy after Christmas shopping for me.

Thanks for stopping in!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Blog Card 2011

I played around on My Digital Studio tonight and made up a quick Christmas card for my blog post today. It was fun figuring out the pictures...I did not use my own tip though...which is to figure out the pictures you want to use first, and edit them, and then put them in a file all on their own...ha!

I hope you are having the best Christmas ever!

Love and hugs,

Jeff, Diana, Eric, Toby, Alice, Clara, Gertie, Stella & Fiji

Toby's Package of Love

OK, so Kim is probably laughing at the post title, cause I don't mean those little packages of love.  When Kim was here, she was sitting on one chair and I was facing her in another, I did not know but Toby was behind me and I guess I missed the poop circling dance so I had no idea he "had to go" and Kim kinda whispers (to me...a deaf person), "oh look Toby is taking a little poop" and I jumped up and was like "what?" and she laughed so hard...

I told you I would share Toby's mail.  When I got the mail the other day I had a few envelopes of swaps in there and then I saw this fun padded envelope addressed to:


c/o D. Gibbs & J. Gibbs

from the famous Anna Wight aka Sweet Miss Daisy

I showed Toby when I got home but I told him he had to wait till Daddy got home cause I wanted to take pictures and I figured I would need his help as Toby is not liking his picture taken. Little did I know that he was so excited he sat still all on his own. Perhaps he could read the writing...or I am thinking he could smell the yummy goodness inside.

004 copy
Here he is on the ottoman saying "take the picture quick Mummy, I can smell something yummy!"

005 copy
Then we got it unwrapped from its envelope and inside was a cute little wax envelope with some yummies inside. Here Toby is saying "I have the meanest Mummy ever, look at her holding my treats this close to my face so she can take a picture, quick someone call PETA"

009 copy
Look how adorable, it is, I am totally going to tea stain my tags next Christmas, it just shabby's them up so cute.  Again Toby is saying "oh yea now I can see them, I am going to drool all over this leather ottoman maybe that will teach her, but it is Daddy's ottoman and he would never tease me like this, us men stick together!"

So I finally gave him one of his treats and he gobbled it up so quick!  Toby says "Thanks Anna, you are the best and I bet you don't tease your little doggie Miss Twiggy by holding treats in front of her nose like my Mummy"

Well this old gal is headed to bed, I gotta get up early, I am finishing up my GoDiva swap so I can get those babies in the mail.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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I Got A (Concord) Crush on You!

015 copy

At Rhonda's Christmas dinner we did a swap and one of the cards I got I loved so much, it was by Courtney and I wanted to do it for my club members for this month, I changed it a little bit, added the pearls and added a bow to the card (thanks Courtney for the great card to case and congratulations again on your engagement)

Toby got some mail today and I will share that with you tomorrow, he was so surprised and tickled pink when he saw it.  He even let me take pictures! 

014 copy
Stamp Set: Always Elegant

Paper: Whisper White, Wisteria Wonder, Concord Crush

Ink: Whisper White Craft

Misc: White embossing powder, Concord Crush Poly ribbon, Pearls, Vintage wallpaper embossing folder

I'm gonna skedaddle and get off here, Jeff said the movie RED is coming on and I wanted to see it, he said it was good. I really like Bruce Willis, he gets more attractive the older he gets, another one is Tom Selleck, oh and my fave Sam Elliot, now that guy could read me the cereal box...ha!

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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Delicate Doilies

010 copy

I need to get me some more doilies, I have used all the ones Granny made me over the years and there are a few more places I would like to use one.  I looked at the antique place when Kim and I were shopping, but they didn't strike me at all, probably knowing Granny made mine makes them special, plus Granny's feel nicer.

I got this card a while back in a swap by my sweet talented friend Robin Merriman (see you soon girlfriend!!), and I have been wanting to case it, so I did this for my swap for my Christmas party with my downline and I also did it as one of the cards for stamp club this month.  I used the new Pool Party Seam binding.

009 copy
Stamp Set: Delicate Doilies, You're a Gem

Paper: First Edition DSP, Very Vanilla, Basic Black

Ink: Cherry Cobbler, Pool Party, Crumb Cake and Crumb Cake marker

Misc: Pool Party seam binding, postage stamp punch, Color Spritzer Tool

Let me know if you are interested in joining a stamp club, I have local and long distance clubs available. The next one starts in January.

So did you watch the season finale of American Horror Story?  I won't spoil it if you have not, but it was so good and I have no idea how the next season will go...but I must say even though Jessica Lange plays a very odd character Constance on the show, she is an amazing actress.  Do any of you notice the resemblance between her and Sookie (Anna Paquin) from TrueBlood, if they ever needed an older version of Sookie or a younger version of Constance they could totally do it. They even have that same little gap in the front of their teeth.

Well this old gal is off to beddie bye.  I got swaps to finish tomorrow and get in the mail.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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