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March Madness

Well it is not really madness, but that title is cute.  Today I ran back to the phone store, and exchanged my cover and also got regular clear scratch guard things, the sales girl was so nice, she showed me all the different choices for covers, I wonder why my sales guy didn't do that...probably cause he was a guy. Women understand having choices, I mean I can go into a shoe store and try on 15 different pairs, I might buy the first pair I tried on, but it is having a choice...right?  Jeff would not agree, he buys the first anything he tries on...well if it fits.

 I am still putzing around with the phone, I have not names it My Precious II or anything like that, I feel I gotta get to know her better yet...ha! I am liking it more, BUT I can't figure out how to get my calendar on it. It is a google calendar so I think it should be there.  All my birthdays and stuff are on it...might have to call and ask. 

Oh and look at this cool car I saw in the parking lot. I posted it on Facebook and Melanie (hey girlfriend) wondered about the backward "S" on superman's cape...I didn't know what to say, cause I didn't notice it.  Jeff wonders if it was a window decal and then it would have been right showing through a window?  Oh well it was cool anyway.

IMG_20111230_115829 copy

Today's page is March, this shows the girls when we first got them, look how young they were, and hardly, if any, butt feathers at all.

Chicken Calendar 8 x 11-006
Chicken Calendar 8 x 11-007
Today Jeff and I cleaned up the coops, added new sand and bedding. I even put Fiji in with the big girls..it lasted about 10 minutes. I'll share that video and pics tomorrow. Jeff is building a quail pen, he wants to raise quail, so that will be interesting.  I don't believe I will be naming them, cause...well...they will be dinner. It just wouldn't feel right sitting down to eat Betty Lou ya know? So they'll just be quail.

We watched Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins, or whatever it is called, and they had Ruth's Diner on there, it was fun to see. We have gone twice now when we go to Convention, I am a big fan of biscuits and gravy, but they added hot sauce so I don't think I could eat it, I'm a whoose when it comes to spicy stuff, even mild spicy.

I am almost done my "11/22/63" book so I wanna get to bed early.

Have an awesome Saturday, the last day of 2011, can you believe it? Yowza!

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog all year, I really appreciate it.

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