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What a Fun Day

I have not been antiqueing for a while so my niece Lauren and I made a date to go today. Unfortunately Aunt Flo was a few days late and she had to come with us today too, but other than that it was fun.

First I'll show you some of the stuff I saw, some fun, some odd, some sad and some creepy.

016 copy
So this is my dream hutch, if I could afford it, I would buy this and put it where my red shelf is. Look at all the nooks and cranny's for displays and look at the storage, it was too cool. For now, I'll just look at it every day on my blog.

008 copy
This was a neat cupboard, we saw one at another place too, and it spun around. Not sure what it was for maybe nuts and bolts?

010 copy
This made me think of MAMMa and Rhonda, they love martini's.

013 copy
I thought I recognized this couple, maybe a great aunt and uncle, then I moved in to get a better look at it...

012 copy
...nope, I was wrong....isn't that the weirdest thing? At an angle the faces changed. Now that I see it was only $16.00 I should have bought it. What fun for halloween eh? Oh well.

014 copy
How about a nice bubble bath in this fancy tub? It is so primitive that I think you'd have to make your own bubbles...can of beans sold separately...toot!...ha!

017 copy
I love seeing a bunch of the same things together.

020 copy
Look at these poodle dog things, they had tags that said "I'm Cinnamon", "I'm Cloves". Then we went to a different store and saw this...

032 copy loan little guy, he doesn't even have his tag, no wonder he got lost.

018 copy
Those is some big lolly's/yoyo's on them there sticks.  It was neat to see some of the booth's with Halloween stuff, one booth had regular things and then they'd stick a hat or a mask on them.

023 copy
Need a rolling pin? If you're gonna make Aunt Thelma's tarts you just might.

025 copy
This made me a little sad.  Look at Ernie sitting on the floor waiting for someone to take him home. It's like his hands are together and he is pleading..."please, oh please"

027 copy
I thought these were kinda cute but not sure what it was about.  The little boy or girl and then the bows and arrows. Is it supposed to be cupid?

028 copy
Some little child's old dolls, boy if they could only talk eh? Ok well that would be kinda creepy and Chucky like if they did, but you know what I mean.

033 copy
Pez anyone?

034 copy
This I called the migraine inducing room. All those fabrics, none matching and some just horrible.

So wanna see my purchases?  I usually wash stuff up right away when I get home and take pictures, but we got home late and then Jeff wanted to watch Captain America, so I just took pictures, I will clean everything up tomorrow.

038 copy
2 little squatty jars, and a baby frog.

039 copy
I don't really need anymore glass jars, but I couldn't resist this one an old sugar jar, I love these for small embellishments cause I don't have to take the lid off I can just shake them out.  Oh and the brass mini candle for those to be re-purposed.

041 copy
I found this cute small table with two drawers, and it is really sturdy, I'm gonna shabby it up, add some cute knobs, maybe a basket or two on the shelf and I think it will look cute at the foot of the guest bed.

043 copy
I found an old beverage crate, and it is nice and sturdy and a great deal. Down the road my current punch holder will be full so I will put them side by side.

Speaking of punch holder, I was honored to have my updated studio posted on the Crafty Storage blog.

Look what I did the other day...

041 copy
...I had put this chalkboard Decor Elements inside my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock cabinet. I wanted to find chalk markers. I asked at the office supply store and the guy looked at me like I was nuts. So the other day I was at Joannes and they had them. I need to get more colors, they are too fun. They write like a marker, but it is chalk so you just wash it off with a moist rag. When I get low on cardstock I jot it down and then I check my list when I put in my order.  I ordered the chalkboard one called Notebook and I am going to hang it inside my stamp set cabinet, so I can keep track of stuff there. It won't hurt my wood cabinets that is what I like.

Well I better hit the hay, it's late and morning comes early.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in. 


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