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Mimeograph Monday - Piece of Poison

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The weather is getting so nice here, although today was a bit warmer than it has been, and Jeff said we might get back up to 100 this week, and I am like no way!  The last couple days I turned off the a/c and opened the windows, so I sure hope he was kidding.

We had the girls running around tonight and I took some pictures, I'll show you later.  Fiji is almost as big as Gertie, and so far I still would not put them all together yet on their own, there is still a bit of picking on Fiji by Clara, and Stella was messing with her tonight too, but not mean, just more looked like she wanted to play, but Fiji wants none of it, and she runs over by me or under my chair.  

I loved this card when I saw it in on page 10 of the Holiday Mini catalog, and I thought easy peasy. Well there are a few layers of DSP and some sewing.

When I used my sewing machine before the tension seemed fine and then I thought oops, I did a zig zag, so I changed to a straight stitch. Usually I'll do a test run on scrap paper and I didn't tonight, I figured it would be ok.

003 copy
Not so, my sewing stinks and the tension is too tight, but it was getting late and I didn't want to re-do it, and then...don't laugh...hey...I said no laughing...when I took the card out of the machine...guess what?

004 copy
I forgot to open the danged thing so I had sewed it shut, and look at that blobby mess of thread.

005 copy
Isn't that boo-t-full? Should be an April Fools card instead.

001 copy
So here it is in all it's glory.  Poor skeleton, and I think his face is very Terminator-ish.

Here's the recipe:

Stamp Set: Piece of Poison

Paper: Textured Peach Parfait, Pick your Poison DSP

Ink: Basic Black, Crumb Cake, Peach Parfait

Misc: 1/2" stitched poly Peach Parfait ribbon, Linen Thread, Neutral button, sewing machine and thread (and I hope you know how to use yours better than I do)

So I am going to head to bed and tomorrow I will mess with the sewing machine and try to get the tension better, heck I even broke thread...I want to make a sewing machine cover with my Beau Chateau fabric so I really need to get it figured out.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in, even when I have boo-boos to show you.

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