Fat Free
Are You Kidding?

Oh Canada!

I made it! I am so glad to be back home...don't let Jeff know I called it home, he always says Arizona is home.

I got in about 4pm and saw Mum peeking her head around the corner and she handed me a kitkat bar, It don't take much to please me...note to Jeff, that don't count you buddy! My little sister Jacqui peeked next but she didn't have any chocolate for me...the shame!  We headed to go get something to eat, I had eaten some yogurt and graham crackers, and slept on the plane, so I was hungry and the girls were too. Crazy girls got to the airport at 1:07 (Mum says) and I didn't get in till 4:05, excited much?  Ha!  Mum is sitting here watching me post, so I have to behaaave!!!!! Say that like Austin Powers....Oh Beehaaave Baby!

It is rainy and yucky, but I musn't be as sugary in Canada as I didn't melt.  We did eat a bite and then checked out a store called Meijer, and I know a lot of you girls mention Meijer even though we don't have them in Arizona.  It reminded me of Kohl's and Walmart mixed.

So at first we didn't think I could use my laptop at the house, but hey it works very cool, that way I can let you know what I am up to....excited eh? Ha!  Well at least I am, it has been at least 3 years since I have been home.  At least 6" on Jade & Joel, boy I'm a runt.

So I am gonna hit the hay, and will check back tomorrow.  Marcy is going to come over and visit, I have not seen her since highschool...so what's that 5 years?

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

Hugs, Di - on location Parkhill, Ontario - Mum & Dad's!