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Did I?

048 copy

Show this one? I was over at Rhonda's all day finishing up the packets for Fall Fest this Saturday, and I pulled into my driveway at almost 12:30am, and I thought hmmmm....did I show all my display stamping for convention?  I don't think I did...if I did show this one I apologize.

047 copy
This is the petal cone die turned into like a take out box, and also my favorite Daisie #2 Big Shot can see how I did the flower here.

Well this old gal better get some shut eye, morning will be here in less then 6 hours!

Have an awesome Friday and thanks so much for stopping in.

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Happy Birthday Mum


It's my Mum's birthday today! Happy Birthday! I love you!  I don't have any recent pictures of Mum but I will in a few weeks when I go home for Courtney's wedding, but I did find this one on my computer from my last trip home and it is either a pic Jax or Courtney sent me so I don't think I have shared it.  Mum is hiding in the back.  

Today on the way to Trilogy I stopped for gas, and Courtney's twin was pumping gas in the one beside me, I wanted to ask if I could take her picture but then I thought maybe we would blow up, so I took it from inside my truck and she turned her head at the last minute.  Oh well, I hope I see her again sometime and I will get up the nerve to ask her.

Hanging out with the Trilogy girls was a blast as usual, I love going over there.  I even got invited for lunch at The Deli with a few girls, and well how can you say no to The Deli? You can't! In fact I brought home a couple pieces of carrot cake for the guys and I am so tempted (since Eric is sleeping) to go cut off a sliver of his piece, he would never know right?

So the last couple days a vein in my left hand has been sore a few inches from where the IV went in, the girl that did it was not very good, that is the only complaint I have about my whole time there.  Today it was worse, and hot and a bit red so I called my doc as I have a followup next week and the nurse said don't wait till the 30th as I might have an infection.  Great, just what I need. So I headed to urgent care, what's an extra $70.00 on top of the hospital and ambulence bill right? Boy my tax return will be fun next year.  So he said I had phlebitis and my vein was really aggravated and just in case since it was warm he perscribed me an antibiotic and some antiflammatories. He said to use a heating pad as well.  OMG! I am like aging this month eh?

So now I am finally back home and trying to get what I need to get done so I can head over to Rhonda's tomorrow.  So how would you like a sneak peek as to what the girls will be doing Saturday?  Well twist my rubber arm...ha!

009 copy
It's a cute stocking gift card holder.  You can get all the supplies to make your own starting September 1 through my online store.  So cute.

Oh and look what was at my door when I got home from Trilogy...

004 copy
It's my Founder's Circle travel document holder, and it matches my purse.  Stampin' Up! is determined I'm gonna have a big bow...ha! One was tied on the purse and I took it off right away, I didn't like it...bad eh? But this was just tied around the wallet, so I slid it off...

006 copy

...let's open it up ok?

007 copy
It's got my tickets, itinerary, two luggage tags and an information card to leave home so if the guys need to reach me they know where I am.  So cool, I can't wait...well really I can I have so much to do before then.  I won't even list it cause it freaks me out and get's me a tad bit worried that I won't get it all just know my tail will be waggingly busy.

OK, that being said, my butt better get back to work.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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Nature Walk through Island Indigo

003 copy

Today my sweet friend and upline Rhonda came over and we got a lot more of Fall Fest stuff done, it is funny we get going and think we are almost done, and then we are like oh wait we still have to cut this DSP and Big Shot this. My little hospital stay messed up my schedule that is for sure. We want to get it all done by Thursday so Friday, the day before the event, we won't be stressed.

I will start showing you Fall Fest stuff soon ok?

But today I wanted to show you the other card the girls will do tomorrow at Trilogy, I love going there and they are all so fun, and sweet.

I looked around on the internet and found this beautiful card, I love embossed whisper white cardstock, it looks so elegant and this card aims to please. I cased Carrie Rhoades, and just changed the greeting and added the mustard flower instead of the button on her card, but it really is her card, I love it, thanks Carrie!

001 copy
Stamp Set: Nature Walk, Petite Pairs

Paper: Whisper White, Island Indigo

Ink: Island Indigo, Lucky Limead

Misc: Tasteful Trim Die, Ovals Die, Lucky Limeade Ruffled Ribbon, Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack, Pearls, Vintage wallpaper embossing folder

So I have my Nook right? I love it, I don't even want to pick up any of the paper books sitting on my night table, but what irks me is one of the books I just finished on my Nook is a Trilogy, well book one is Nook-able, and book three is too, but the second book in the series is not, and I am like what? Are you kidding me?  So I googled and I did find it but it is not through Barnes and Noble, I don't understand why it is not available through there cause obviously it was made for an e-reader. So the other day I got it on my computer from another online place and then yesterday my sister Jax and my girlfriend Mel told me how to put it on my Nook, and it worked and I was so happy.  Then I continued on with my day as normal. 

So last night I get in bed about 11:30pm or so and go to turn on my Nook, and nothing, nada, zip. I thought oh well maybe I left it on when I loaded the book, so I went out to my studio to get the charger and then plugged it in, I pushed the button and then it said it was installing updated something or other, then it rebooted, and then it said I had to register my Nook, and I am like what? It's already registered. Then it wanted me to add my wifi information, and I was freaking out.  Somehow it was totally back to like I just bought the danged thing.

Once I put in the wifi code (that is a pain in the butt) it connected to Barnes and Noble and it showed the books I have in my B&N library, the e-pub one that I had put on that day was not there.  But I have to download them all again, AND it does not remember that they were read.  So I am not sure if I did something wrong or what, but I ain't doing it again, it was a pain doing all that over, and it still is not totally back to how it was before. Crazy!!

Ok that's enough of my blabbering for today, I gotta get my totes packed for tomorrow morning, Jeff told me my truck needs gas.  I haven't driven anywhere since I got home from the hospital. 

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Notably Ornate Hybrid

003 copy

Wikipedia says that Hybrid means this:

Hybrid (biology), an offspring resulting from cross-breeding

So that is what this card is without the breeding...ha!  This is not that kind of blog.

I have a private class on Wednesday and I wanted them to do a hybrid card using My Digital Studio (MDS).  Do you know you can go to and get tons and tons of ideas and see videos on how to do some fun things with the program?  So awesome.  So while I was over there, I saw this card by my friend Heather Summers (Hey Heather, can't wait to see you & Marcy in a few weeks!) and she was inspired by my other friend Mandy Grant (Hey Mandy, sure gonna miss you at Founder's) and I loved it. Thanks so much girls.

It's basically designed online using the My Digital Studio program, I have SU! printers do the printing and when it gets here I trim it, mount it and stamp, add ribbon and embellishments and voila' an amazing quick card. The ornate background and the bird are printed through MDS, and the oval punch and modern label are stamped images. I did a video on how this is done, using one of the cards from my MDS card class. You get two cards for the price of one.  That's kinda like BOGO isn't it?

004 copy
It is hard to see but it uses the fun Glimmer Brads. I wish I knew how to photoshop like a sparkle star thing on it, like they do in the orbitz gum commercial when the teeth twinkle and sparkle.

001 copy
Stamp Set: Notably Ornate

Paper: Crumb Cake, Basic Black, MDS card

Ink: Basic Black

Misc: Oval punch, Modern label punch, black glimmer brad, Cherry Cobbler Striped ribbon

Buy Three Get One Free

Country Dozen Rewards

Well I better get my butt back to work, I have one more card to design and cut for Wednesday.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Mimeograph Monday - Wicked Cool

002 copy

Since I had class today and have lots to do still to get stuff ready for Fall Fest, I wanted to pick a quick card to do for Mimeograph Monday.

I love this set with the fun shoes, and this is a card from page 27.  I was a dork and thought I had the ribbon and didn't so I left that off, but it is still so cute and would be an awesome card to make for your kids to take to school for Halloween. I can just see them removing one of the rhinestones and putting it on their noses, perhaps you should send an extra inside the card just for that...ha!

001 copy
Stamp Set: Grateful Greetings, Wicked Cool

Paper: Elegant Eggplant, Whisper White, More Mustard Textured

Ink: More Mustard pad, Elegant Eggplants & Old Olive marker

Misc: Rhinestones, Itty Bitty Shapes punch pack

This is a 3x3 card.

Well I better get my butt back to cutting paper.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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