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I will be quick with my post, but if a picture is worth a thousand words this might be the longest one ever! I am whooped after a fun filled busy day, and I have stamp club tomorrow, so I am going to show you all the pretty faces that stamped with us today, and I missed at least one table and I am sorry, Rhonda was telling them stuff so I didn't want to interupt and I forgot to go back and didn't realize it till I was looking at my pictures.

Fall Fest 2011 002 copy
Setting up the room, we had a sold out house, we usually only take up half the room, but this time we needed the whole room.

Fall Fest 2011 028 copy
Here's the room with everyone here.  I won't name any names, I promised I wouldn't just in case anyone is in the witness protection program...ha! We'll just call em Stella Stamper.

Fall Fest 2011 003 copy
Here's Stella, Stella & Stella, having a blast! Ok, I won't do that for every photo...ha! Remember I said a picture is worth a thousand words..well here goes..

Fall Fest 2011 004 copy
Fall Fest 2011 005 copy
Fall Fest 2011 006 copy
Fall Fest 2011 007 copy
Fall Fest 2011 009 copy
Fall Fest 2011 010 copy
Fall Fest 2011 012 copy
Fall Fest 2011 013 copy
Fall Fest 2011 014 copy
Fall Fest 2011 015 copy
Fall Fest 2011 016 copy
Fall Fest 2011 017 copy
Fall Fest 2011 018 copy
Fall Fest 2011 019 copy
Fall Fest 2011 020 copy
Fall Fest 2011 021 copy
Fall Fest 2011 022 copy
Fall Fest 2011 023 copy
Fall Fest 2011 024 copy
Fall Fest 2011 025 copy

We did a name tag contest this time, and everyone got a pink ticket that said "I Love Your Name Tag" that way everyone voted so throughout the day people would check out name tags and when they found the one they liked the best they gave that person their ticket.

Here's the winning name tag,

Fall Fest 2011 031 copy
the little bulldozer digger thingie held onto the "M"

Fall Fest 2011 032 copy
and it moved up and down...cause of the brad on there...neat eh? Stella a.k.a Michelle, got 12 tickets!

Fall Fest 2011 033 copy
Here she is showing off her new stamp set...well sorta new, we order a few extra sets to use at the borrow table so if people don't have them they can use them that day, and then we door prize them off. So it's new at the beginning of the day at least.

As usual I was behind the camera not in front...so no pics of moi...ha! Although I think I saw my reflection in the mirror in one, proves I'm not a vampire eh?

Well I have stamp club tomorrow...I know, I know, what? I wasn't really thinking when I planned it, but they are fun girls and I am sure they won't mind a few messy tables when they come to pick up their orders and make their make n takes.

Have a blessed Sunday, I will show the make n takes from Fall Fest over the next few days...this old gal is off to slumber! 

Thanks for stopping in!

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