The Motion of the Ocean
Oh Canada


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Oh Canada Baby!

I am hoping we get to Victoria in time to find the little shop that had paintings in the window, not like the same painting would be there 7 years ago but maybe something similar or by the same artist...I don't even know the artist I just know I loved the painting and the shop was closed.

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Here's another 10/10/20 MDS card from class, with a little bit of bling, a little bitty button and a little bitty bit of bakers twine.  I love the faux staple.

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Here's the full card, just a little thing here and there make it so cute.

If you place a $50.00 order through my on-line store May 20-28 I will send you a thank you card made with the stamp set we will be getting on cruise.  Sound like fun?  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping in.


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