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I wanted to share a few of the places that we stopped at and some things I thought were kinda cool when we were there.

Alaska Cruise 2011 016 copy
This is Ketchikan, and I loved the Salmon Market sign...

Alaska Cruise 2011 017 copy
...right next to the big jewelry sign.  I swear every other store was jewelry.

Alaska Cruise 2011 023 copy
The statue on the pier.

Alaska Cruise 2011 037 copy
A whale tail off our balcony.

Alaska Cruise 2011 003 copy
And the splash, I didn't get any good shots of whales as we just watched off our balcony and it was really hit or miss, after a while I stopped trying to take pictures and just enjoyed watching the bits and pieces of them. We did see one come half way up and that might be the splash picture. We also saw one at lunch one day.

Alaska Cruise 2011 057 copy
Glaciers in the distance in Tracy Arm Fjord.

Alaska Cruise 2011 060 copy
It was a little nippy out so we were all bundled up and drinking hot cocoa.

Alaska Cruise 2011 064 copy
I loved this shot, two trees off in the distance, I have this as my wallpaper on my precious now, I am pretending I can see Edward and Bella on top of the trees.  Yeah I know, get a life.

Alaska Cruise 2011 071 copy
Iceburgs, look at that gorgeous blue color. The ship had to steer around all of them, and I guess they got closer to the glaciers then other times.

Alaska Cruise 2011 082 copy
In Juneau Alaska you might need a fur lined bikini...wonder if they were selling the body to put in it?

005 copy
An interesting building in Skagway, funny what you can do with drift wood and sticky strip.

007 copy
Ya know if you're gonna murder a poor innocent creature, don't just mount the head, try not to be wasteful and use the whole thing. I didn't go around to see if the head was on the other side. It was kinda "dear" it was $250.00.

010 copy
If you can't pay your bar tab...out ya go. Head over heels.

012 copy
Jeff in Skagway, while we were waiting for the Skagway Fish Co to open, we wanted crab legs...bad!

015 copy
I think this was what they dug tunnels with for the railroad...or if you're really bunged up and need some help.

142 copy
Statue in Victoria - 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy

134 copy
I loved this, it was painted on a building in Victoria

132 copy
Parliament building in Victoria

127 copy
The Three Muskateers and an Oh Henry

125 copy

That should do it for today for pictures, I will share more tomorrow. I worked on thank you cards for my May on-line orders today, there is still a couple of days to get yours.  My store is open 24-7 for all your Stampin' Up! products.

Oh and I forgot to tell you, Jeff found my missing box of supplies.  I asked if he would drive up and down the road as a couple years ago we had a temp driver and he dropped my box at the wrong house, so Jeff went to that house and asked the girl and she said no, but then Jeff looked across the street at a vacant house and there sat a SU! box, he went over and it was mine. It sat there for 5 days!  Yeah when UPS calls me Tuesday you can bet I will be complaining, if the address does not match I don't think they should be leaving the box there. Luckily we did not have any rain while we were gone and everything was fine. Whew!

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Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in.

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