Oh Canada

Well in a few hours anyway. We are still at sea on the way to Victoria, I am reading a few emails and using up the minutes I have paid for, they were too expensive to waste, maybe I should spell that mine has definitely grown since we got on board, I wonder if I need to claim it on my custom ticket? We need to pack as our luggage needs to be set out tonight before 11pm. We are only in Victoria for about 6 hours. I am hoping for some poutine, so cross your fingers. It is hard to believe we will be headed home tomorrow, about the middle of the trip it seems like it will never end and then poof! it is over. We get to spin a wheel every day and get a prize so today I spun and got another brand new stamp set...hmmm....which one do I use for my thank you card for $50.00 on-line orders while I am gone? Decisions...decisions! Well I best get back up to the cabin, I left Jeff packing. See you soon, and thanks to all of you for stopping in. Hugs, Di - on location the sea somewhere.