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North to Alaska

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Well I figured with limited internet while we are gone.  I have heard it is pricey and I have seen the prices...yikes, and I have heard it is slow...ugh, that is not good when you are paying by the minute.  So I will get some posts ready to go every day, and when I can I will upload some pictures to share as we are cruising, we'll see how it goes.

We have to be up really early tomorrow to get to the airport in time. We have never gone in a day or so early cause we are frugal and that would mean more time off work, but I am wishing we had of this year, my friend Kim Sinclair and her hubby Brad did and they are there already eating Lobster at Pike Market.  I am so jealous.  Jeff and I drove around and did last minute stuff, he had to get a new drivers licence cause our city name changed, and it was so faded you could not hardly see it, I had to change my city. That was an hour in our lives we won't get back.

Oh and while we were driving we were listening to talk radio. It was talking about the end of the world day and the rapture, and the guy said "I'll find me a nice car idling on the side of the road, I'll have my pick" and I am thinking, I don't think people will be just parking on the side of the road, I think if you are on the freeway and poof you are gone, your car is going to crash.  Right?  Anyway, Jeff wonders if we will be safe since we are in the water?

So anyway, now Jeff is all packed and I still got to do that but wanted to get all business stuff done so we can sort of relax tonight. I laugh when I say that, cause that aint me. I hope I will be able to celebrate watching Haley getting kicked off idol.

So this is a perfect card I thought to show you for our bon voyage day. This is another 10/10/20 MDS card class project.

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 I used some of the striped Riding Hood Red ribbon you can get in the clearance rack, I also used a spinner head and those are still available, very cool.  I also used a bottle cap and squished it in my big shot.  I bought some at a place that sells home made beer stuff.

Added after post: I have to stick this in here really quick - this is American Idol related so look away if you have not seen it.  Did you hear me doing the happy dance? Well I was kinda.  I had someone email me and tell me that Haley went home before we even saw the show, but I didn't care, now I really wanted to see it. So I knew the outcome, I am glad she is gone, the other two are more deserving, she still seemed to be so stuck on herself, and I loved her look at the end when they said Lauren, it was like she was thinking are you kidding? Ha! Oh well whatever, two country western idols duking it out for the finish.  I hope it's Lauren, but I was wrong before. I did watch James on Ellen today, still love him. Still waiting on that first CD.  Ok back to regular programming....

I will do more posts, and they will be boring, but just know I am having lots of fun and will have oodles of stories to tell when we get back.

If you place a $50.00 order in my on-line store May 20-28 I will send you a thank you card made with the stamp set we will be getting on cruise.  Sound like fun?  Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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