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When Melissa was at the ATC Tray Class I asked her about my camera, she is a pro and is going to teach some lessons.  I asked her how to make the Macro work on it, and I had to take it off of auto...(slapping head with a big Homer Simpson "Doh") and that made it work so then I played around with it, and boy it is cool.  These are some of the flowers I picked off of Jeff's bushes and I dried them and stuck them in the jar and on the top.

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Now to save up my money for one of them photo box things.

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I love this jar, it reminds me of looking through a church window.  It is one of the things I picked up when I went to my BFF Tracy's last fall.

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Pretty eh? I was thinking I might try to find some rose oil or something and drip it on the dried flowers inside and see if it smells into the house.

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Macro is not just for flowers...can't you almost taste and smell these?  Yum!  I can...and did! I made cinnamon rolls tonight, I have not made them in so long, here is the original post with the recipe link.

I told Mark (my magnificent cabinet maker) that I would make him some when he got back from Texas, so he is back and I will run these over in the morning. I made sure to tell Eric, if....ha! if...I know I mean...when he gets up in the middle of the night for a snack to not eat from Mark's pan, to make sure he eats from the pan that we have already been eating out of.

So speaking of eating, here's a fun little treat for ya.  We had spaghetti tonight, so I always make a bit of extra noodles for the girls.  It is a riot to watch them. I didn't have the camera out there when they were getting up on Jeff's lap to get them.



Have an awesome Saturday, and thanks for stopping in!

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