The Loot

Home at Last

...and freaking a little.  I was expecting my class supplies while we were in Alaska, Eric and Mike stayed home the whole time we were gone (except while they went to work).  UPS said the box was delivered, but I am not sure where, cause it was not at my house.  Of course by the time I got home everything was closed and will be till Tuesday and the class is the weekend of the welcome back to reality Diana!

I will show a few quick pictures and then I got to unpack. Thanks for sticking around and checking in every day even though I didn't post much while we were gone.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 033 copy
Our door with our achievers magnet...this is always a thing I worry about. Do I leave it on the door and someone steals it, or do I take it off and then don't get my gifts? So I left it and no one took it and I got my gifts...I guess I wasted a worry eh MAMMa?

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 003 copy
Here's our cabin, where we called home for a week. We are looking forward to sleeping in our own bed tonight, I still have my sea legs so hope I don't fall out of bed.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 007 copy
Jeff and the Space Needle, I told him to move over otherwise it looked like it was growing out of his that I think about it, I should have taken the picture.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 023 copy
Our first pillow gift and I think it was my absolute favorite.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 025 copy
The cutest little wool like purse, and it was so handy, and I will use it a lot.

So Jeff always rolls his eyes at my weird photo is one...I'll have more other days.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 027 copy
Our fancy hair dryer...I guess this stops anyone from stealing it. Not that I would have.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 028 copy
It was made in Italy and it is elite...ok...if you say so.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 029 copy
I didn't know if I was to dry my hair or detail my car...since I didn't pack the car (brought almost everything else though) I opted to dry my hair.  After it ran for a while the hose got so blasted hot you had to hold the tip of the blower thing with the tips of your fingers.

I guess the ship is going into being overhauled soon...think they'll reuse these?

Oh here is another one...reminds me of the Zataran Rice commercials with the silouettes.

Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 045 copy
It's actually Shelli sitting demoing some cool new things and the cameraman Brian looks like he has a pointy goatee, but it is his microphone.


Alaska Cruise 2011 Day One 032 copy
Here we are at our first breakfast I think. Oh my gosh I love the pastries, and am sure that they added 5 pounds to my butt.

That should do it for today, like I said I got to unpack, and it's been hours since we ate and napped...ha!

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