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Gotta Love Them Canadians

I got this off of my sister Jacqui's blog and that Ron James is a hoot, I watched a few more of his videos on YouTube. He did one about Tim Horton's, and OMG! is there one in Victoria I totally missed? I don't remember seeing one.  I love me some Timmie's Iced Cap.

I'll post pictures of people from the cruise tomorrow. Kim is gonna empty her camera.  

Today was busy running errands and what not, there was no food in the house too. Oh and God love him, Jeff did the laundry when we got home, and he ruined two of my shirts that I bought for Alaska, they were supposed to be hand washed in cold and hung dry and he used the washer and dryer. The one shirt I really loved cause it was frilly and hid my fat, it used to hang long and below my crotch and butt, now its about 3" shorter and looks like heck. I wet it and hung it to see if it will stretch a bit. He felt so bad, cause your darned tootin' I told him he done it.

Gotta love him...really I do, I am just thankful he knows how to work the washer and dryer, now just to teach him to read washing instructions. That'll be the next 27 years of marriage.

The retiring list comes out today, so that will be interesting.  I guess I could have sat with my new catalog (hey Shelli told about it on her blog, so I can too) that I got on the cruise and compared it to the current one, but I've been a busy beaver since I got home.  I'll send out the retiring list in my email newsletter.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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