At Sea...

Ding! Ding!


Imagine a big buzzer going off on an old game show...that is what it sounds like when someone has put their seapass id card up against something and demagnetized it.  I am sitting in the computer room while we are in port by the getting back on place so I can hear all the dings...and the occasional dong!!

Today we are in Skagway, so we did a bit of shopping, picked up a few more gifts. A special one that has something to do with a train...that is all I am saying. Jeff got a few things for himself he is very excited about, and he never does that. We also finally got crab legs, big, juicy, dripping in the melted butter. Yum! It was worth the walk in the cold. Tonight we made reservations at the special restaurant on board with Brad & Kim, and we are excited to try it out, Jeff says he is having surf & turf.  I am saying I am going on a diet when I get home, I have saved my biggest jeans for the flight home...ha!

It's about 2:30 so I have a bit more time, so I am going to check emails, and sign off, I am definitely wanting to at least use up all the precious minutes I paid for.

I do want to thank everyone for their $50.00 online order while I have been gone. I do believe we have make n takes tomorrow, so I will be able to see the stamp set I will be using to make your thank you card. I am so excited, I haven't stamped since we left home, I'm having a bit of withdrawal pains, I have been soothing them with plenty of food...gotta keep those hands busy right?

Well I'll check back with you tomorrow!

Have a super...ummm...Tuesday, had to think there for a minute...and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di   - on location in Skagway, Alaska