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Can you believe it?  Holy Moly! It just seems like not that long ago I hit 1 million! Thanks so much everyone for reading my blog and sticking with my silliness and not so great lingo and and spelling and grammar and my wordage...in fact I got an email from Lorree, and she asked if I knew what Nookie was, and I thought well its like smooching, the serious kind, and so I looked it up and well I guess it means a bit more then smooching, well it probably starts out as smooching...unless you got a big old cold sore like me...ugh! I can name it, it is that big...I'm gonna call it "not tonight honey!"  So anyway back to Nookie, so I guess I'll just call my Nook by it's regular name on my blog, and use my little pet name for it in my head.  Cause I could totally see someone new reading my blog and going "What!!????"  Lorree and I did get a laugh about it though.

Here is another little ATC card for my tray. This is based on a card by the most talented Teneale Williams.

007 copy
Stamp Set: Because I Care, French Foliage (which was in an old mini, lets hope it shows back up) hmmm...we were using retired stuff and from minis, so I need to find the No. 5 stamp,  I hope we get a set with a whole bunch of these fun little collage pieces like the circle stamp date and stuff, I'll keep looking...geesh, all I remember is looking at the sets I had pulled out and thought that would look good, for the love of Pete, what set is it?  Ha! I give up...I'll find it eventually...oh wait, it's from Clearly For You that was in the Occassions mini

Paper: Botanical Gazette DSP, Very Vanilla

Ink: Marina Mist, Old Olive, Early Espresso, Crumb Cake - my go to for shabby-ness

So American Idol folks, are you ready? If you didn't see it, please stop reading.

Tonight it is the Top 5 and they sang two songs. Their mentor this week was Sheryl Crow

They started out with my favorite James: So I did not know the first song that he sang but he did a great job and I loved how he interacted with the audience and he totally is so comfortable performing and is such a natural.  You know it makes me thankful for this show cause maybe James would never have been discovered...well eventually he would have but now we all love him.

Then it was Jacob: I did not like this at all, and I didn't like his dancing, I agreed with the judges.  

OK what was up with J-Lo's hair? It looked like she just got out of bed, threw her hair up in a bun or something, made a toilet paper flower and stuck it in her hair, this was not a good look for her, come on she is like the most beautiful woman in the world right? This proves just cause you are "that" does not mean you can wear stuff like "this". Just sayin'.

Lauren was up next and she kicked butt on a Carrie Underwood song, she was amazing and she looked so sexy with those high boots on and I loved the shirt cause it really made her look skinny.

Scotty: He totally had a blast tonight, and he is so much more comfortable on stage.

Haley: So she sang an unreleased song of Lady Gaga (I guess she sings it in her concerts - I don't know if it is the one that she fell off the piano on or what) - anyway Haley got her blessing so she sang it and you know what? MAMMa are you sitting down?  This was the first song that I really liked Haley on, she did a great job...and the judges hated it...hmmm...

Then James sang again, and OMG please just give him the title now so I don't miss it.  He sang a beautiful song and when he was practicing it, he had to stop cause it reminded him of his wife and son, so I was sending him strength through the TV and he did so good, we were all crying by the end.  He is amazing.

Then it was Jacob again:  So at first it seemed like he was going too fast for the harp, and he messed up in the middle, and well I say he is going home.

Then Lauren sang a song for her Mum and Dad, and this was my least favorite song that she has sang in my opinion, I wonder if she just would have sang it without the piano and stuff it would have been better, but the song meant a lot to her and the judges liked it.

Scotty was up again, and boy I loved this one, and come on MAMMa you had to like this one right?  I mean it was so romantic, and if this old lower lip wasn't big enough to land a plane on, I might have danced with my hubby for it.

Haley ended the show, and she did pretty good on that one too.  

I am not picking bottom three cause since there are 5 of them, I can't remember if they do that anymore.  

So I usually vote for three people but tonight I only voted for one, and that is the winner in my heart and I hope in everyone's heart - James Durbin

I can't wait for tomorrow night, Lady Antebellum is going to sing...oh and nasty hair J-Lo.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in! Me and the lip are headed to bed.

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