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Mimeograph Monday - The Nicest Things

Quick Response


So look what I made...well a thing on the internet made it, but then I was trying to shrink it down to stay on my sidebar and I couldn't figure it out...ah technology.

It is called a Quick Response something.or.other and if you hold your camera up to it, using a quick response reader it will tell you stuff.

What SHOULD I be doing?

Cleaning up from morning class, and getting ready for tonight...ha!

So the other day I was at the store and I seen these things:

Sing a ma jig copy
One of these things is not like the other...

Stamp a ma jig copy
...I like mine better. The first thing looked like a hair scrunchie for lips, I didn't touch it so not sure what it really does.  I just got a kick out of the name.

I'm gonna dance-a-ma-jig off to bed so I can be ready for class tomorrow. I got a full house!!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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