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Mimeograph Monday - Easter Blossoms

004 copy

Last night I told Jeff that I was going to go to Price Club in the morning and asked if he wanted to come with me, he usually says no, but this time he said "sure". So when I got up this morning I did a few things around the house, and then he said "when are we leaving?" so I hurried and got showered and dressed and we were on our way.

After we left the house and got on the hard road we looked at each other and I was like "maybe they are closed today" so luckily I had the number in My Precious and sure enough one of the holidays they observe is Easter.  So then we thought well let's go get an early lunch, so then to find a place open, so we finally decided on Olive Garden but they were not open till 11:00 so we had to waste some time and Petsmart is in the same parking lot. It's always fun to go check out the critters.

These guys were cute...

Huey, Dewy and Louie.  I think they wanted to come home with me.

Then we went over and had a great lunch and we had the cutest waiter.  We were going to go to the grocery store but with our bellies full we decided we would go home for a nap. Bunch of lazy bums eh?

I worked on my bonus cards today as well as my Thank you cards for my on-line orders for April.  There's still time to get one by placing an order from my on-line store.

I also did my Mimeograph Monday card, and I love this set, and you only have a few days left to get it because it is in the mini catalog that ends April 30.

This card is from page 17 of the mini catalog.

001 copy
Stamp Set: Easter Blossoms

Paper: Rose Red, Baja Breeze, Crumb Cake, Natural Ivory, First Edition DSP, Springtime Vintage DSP

Ink: Baja Breeze, Crumb Cake, Early Espresso, Rose Red Marker

Misc: Baja Breeze seam binding, linen thread, pearls, Vintage Flower adornments, Color Spritzer tool, Boho Blossoms Punch

I really am enjoying my Mimeograph Monday cards, and I hope you are too. 

So I got a comment from Sue that said "I expect a post tomorrow that accounts for each and every chicken in your garden. Thank you!! LOL
(Looks yummy)" as well as from Joyce and she said "Is that Gertie!!???????"  so to prove that none of my girls were hurt or worse so I could make the Engagement Chicken, here is proof...

Smile pretty girls!!

005 copy
As you can see they are alive and well, and actually they were all excited cause they thought they were coming out for their daily exercise but nope, I just opened the door, said "smile" and click took their picture and closed the door, then I had to listen to them cry as I went back in the house.  Poor babies.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in!


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This is Why I Married Him... I had my Stamp club day and I had wanted to make Engagement Chicken, I think I talked about it last week, so anyway, I got it ready so that it would be cooking while the club girls were here.

I was not thinking very good on the time as it was getting close to being done and the girls were still here, I kept running in to check the temperature.  Somehow I was thinking it would take longer.  I didn't have the right kind of roasting pan as it said something about a rack and I didn't have a rack so it just sat on the bottom of the stone.

So anyway as the girls were stamping you could smell it cooking and I said I was making Engagement Chicken, I had heard about it on TV, apparently when the girl is dating, if she makes this chicken for her boyfriend in a months time he will propose to her, I got the recipe from Glamour magazine.

Now I told the girls that I was already married so I didn't need to get engaged, but instead I wanted to make the chicken for Jeff so he would remember how lucky he was, I also wanted to make sure they understood that it did not mean he was going to "get lucky" I just wanted him to remember he "was lucky".

So I called Jeff in and told him the chicken was ready, and he was to go ahead and eat.  The girls were just finishing up.

After they all left, I thought maybe I would find him in the kitchen, maybe all passed out from ecstasy from the taste or maybe on his hands and knees telling me how much he loves me and would marry me all over again.

Instead the kitchen was empty the chicken was half gone and I found this:

003 copy
In case you can't read it, it says: "It was a perfectly cooked chicken w/some good flavors, I like mine a little more seasoned.  "Engagement chicken" is worthy of the engagement, but lacks the spice." Then he signed it Jeff Gibbs 4/23/2011

Now isn't that funnier then all get out? Who's husband does that? Mine! He's all mine!!! He's like my very own Chef Ramsey without the swear words.

I laughed so much I almost fell running to get the camera to take a picture of the letter.

I tried it and I thought it was pretty danged good, heck I'd marry me.

001 copy
This is it out of the oven and I'll admit it does not look that appetizing, heck one of the lemons escaped from the butt and was laying in the dish.  I didn't have time to present it on a plate or anything, cause that would have made the presentation much classier.

Here is the recipe if you are interested.  Let me know how the marriage goes...

Engagement Chicken - recipe from Glamour Magazine

1 whole chicken (approx. 4 pounds) - personally I would want to do a bigger one

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, plus 3 whole lemons - including 1 sliced for garnish (not super big ones or they fall out)

1 tablespoon kosher or course sea salt

1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper

Fresh herbs for garnish (rosemary sprigs, sage sprigs, thyme sprigs) - I didn't do that part.

Position an oven rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Remove the giblets from the chicken, wash the chicken inside and out with cold water and let the chicken drain in a colander for 2 minutes.

Pat the chicken dry with paper towels.  Place the chicken breast side down in a medium roasting pan fitted with a rack and pour the lemon juice all over the chicken, both inside and out.  Season the chicken all over with salt and pepper inside and out.

Prick 2 whole lemons three times in three different places with a fork and place them deep inside the cavity. Chicken cavity size may vary, so if one lemon is partly sticking out that's fine. (Tip: If the lemons are stiff, roll them on the countertop with your palm before pricking them to get the juices flowing)

Put the chicken in the oven, lower the temperature to 350 degrees and roast, uncovered for 15 minutes.

Remove the roasting pan from the oven and carefully turn the chicken breast side up (I used a couple forks to turn it). Insert a meat thermometer in the thigh and return the chicken to the oven and roast for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the meat thermometer reads 180 degrees and the juices run clear when the thigh is pricked with a fork.  Continue roasting if necessary.  Every oven is different but generally roasting a chicken at 350 degrees takes approximately 18-20 minutes per pound, plus an additional 15 minutes.

Let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before carving.  Here is the secret: Pour the juices from the roasting pan on top of the sliced chicken, that is the "marry me juice". Garnish with the sprigs of herbs and lemon slices.

Let me know what you comes the bride!

Well with all this excitement, I'm gonna call it a night.

Have a Happy Easter and thanks for stopping in!

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Love & Care

003 copy

So when we got the new Summer mini catalog in our Stampin' Success magazine I drooled over this new hostess set and then I was a lucky girl and actually earned it for free.  You are definitely going to want to book a workshop or gather orders from family and friends to earn this one.  I hear ya, "but it's not a coloring set?" I know those are usually my favorite, but look at it...gorgeous.

I have my club girls coming over tomorrow so I wanted them to get their hands on this new set so they fall in love with it just like me.  One of my new favorite Demonstrators to case is Teneale Williams and she is from Australia so I bet she has a cute accent to go with her gorgeous stamping. Thanks Teneale for your inspiration!

001 copy
Stamp Set: Love & Care

Paper: Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla, Cherry Cobbler, Newsprint DSP, Old Olive DSP

Ink: Cherry Cobbler & Old Olive Markers, Jetblack Stazon, Crumb Cake

Misc: Black Satin ribbon, vintage trinkets

Look what I did today...

008 copy
I used to get my nails done all the time with a french manicure and then I think I stopped a couple years ago and just polished them wild and crazy once in a while, but working on cards I had to be so careful that I did not get polish on the cards, so MAMMa always has her nails so beautiful, and with the cruise coming up I thought, I'm gonna do it. So off I went to Selena where MAMMa gets hers done, and I love them, I have to get used to them again, typing, stamping and right now that odd feeling they have with brand new nails on, but they look so clean and neat. What ya think? I think boy oh boy my hands sure look old and my pointer fingers are started to go crooked a bit. Ugh! My flip off finger is nice and straight hmmm...maybe it gets more exersise or something...ha! Just kidding.

Have you read the Laurel K Hamilton Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series?  They are taking a bit to get into. They sure aren't the Black Dagger Brotherhood or Twilight.  In fact if when I get this one done if it does not leave me wanting more, I may shelve the series till later. I have so many more to read and in fact am reading one on my new Nook (that I still have not named) that I am really enjoying.

Well I got some paper to cut, so I am going to say "hasta la vista, baby"

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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Cute RAKs

Hand Stamped Cards for Sale

I have gotten some cute cards lately in the mail, and since I was a busy beaver today I thought there is no time like the present to share them with you.

001 copy
A super cute Easter card from my friend, fellow Demonstator and Canadian Debbie Sutton. She even had confetti inside the card, but I saw it before I dumped it all over the floor...ha!

002 copy
Another cute pocket card from Karen Bader, she sends her class checks in them, love them!

001 copy
An amazing card from my sweet friend Ellie Wilkins, I love all the details, and how she had the flower peaking in on the side.

004 copy
A delicious birthday card from my Papercraft Planet "boss" Susanna Boyd, makes my teeth hurt, it's so sweet!

001 copy
OMG! Look what Debbie Grayson brought me!  A gorgeous card, and a beautiful chicken/rooster, since we could not decide, it is gorgeous and it has a special place in my glass front cabinets. I love it!

Thanks everyone for the sweet cards, I love getting the mail when I get goodies like this. Mwah! to all.

So tonight since it was Idol results show and since Jeff went fishing all day (he said he wanted to practice to get ready for Halibut fishing in Alaska) I wanted to fix a quick supper, and we have like 30 eggs in the fridge.  I have not made a german pancake in a while so that is what I did.  Unfortunately I didn't look at the recipe before hand and realize it takes milk and our growing boy with the hollow legs (where all the food goes - since he is a stick) drank all of it, so luckily I called Jeff and he was on the way home and right by the grocery store, so he stopped and grabbed some on the way home, as well as some flour and some fish batter since he caught a good sized cat fish.  I wanted to take a picture but by the time I went out there, he has already gutted it and cut the poor things head off so you'll have to use your imagination.

007 copy
Here's the pancake after it is cooked.

Here is the recipe if you want it.

German Pancake

1 cup flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

6 eggs beaten

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup butter

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Melt butter in a 9x13" pan in the oven until it sizzles.  Meanwhile mix the other ingredients together. Stir remaining ingredients into pan after the butter sizzles. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Don't open the oven door to peek. The pancake will climb the side of the pan and settle slowly when removed. Garnish individual pieces with either fresh fruit, honey, confectioners sugar, or maple syrup.  We just ate it with maple syrup.

So American Idol the results...look away if you have not seen the show.

I wonder if the sound system was off tonight cause you know how the Idols come out and they sing at the beginning? Well I think they were all off key.  They sang Trains - Soul Sister and I do like that song, but not so much tonight, the Cold Play one, I didn't know.

So I predicted right last night, the bottom three were Jacob, Stefano and Haley, unfortunately Haley didn't have to sit there very long as Ryan quickly sent her back to being safe.

David Cook performed his new song, I always liked him. I do have a question though, what is up with guys with their hair and then they comb it so it sticks up in the center?  Please will someone let me in on that whole thing?

Katie Perry also sang, I don't know her, except she has beautiful blue eyes, is married to the actor from Arthur and I think she helped Sesame Street's Elmo become a man. Does she always perform like that or was she doing Lady Gaga stuff, cause it was very odd.

So bottom two were Stefano and Jacob, and finally Stefano is going home, how many times was he bottom two and was saved, so finally he got it.  I felt so sorry for James, as he was crying and they kept showing him on the camera, plus he ran over to the stage and hugged Stefano.  They sure are one big happy family in that house, it must be hard when someone gets kicked off, especially the later it gets and the longer they hang out.

Well I am going to sign off for tonight, and get to bed a little bit earlier tonight.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in!

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Yesterday I added a few cards on my blog for sale. I have been removing the card picture as the cards sell.  Let me know if you want me to keep doing this, or if you want me to use Etsy? I'm not sure what is easier, but thinking hindsight and all that, Etsy might be easier, but we'll give it a few days ok?

So today I was doing up the cards to put on here (I have a bunch more yet) and that kept me busy.  We have a month before we leave on the Alaska cruise and I need to lose some weight so this morning I walked on the treadmill and I hula-hooped...not at the same time mind you, but for about half an hour between the two.  While I was walking I put the TV on to a Game Show channel and I watched an old gameshow called Match Game I think it was.  OMG! so one of the ladies that was on there as a contestant her name was Nympha - ok let me tell you they kept saying her name over and over, and I think I would have used my nickname if I was her, but that is just me. What is weird is that two of the stars on the show that were trying to help these woman win by matching the words, one was smoking a cigar and one was smoking a cigarette, it was just too funny to see. Also on a commercial they showed a preview for Drew Carey's new show. Have you seen him lately? Man that gives me power to lose weight, he looks amazing and his face is like all chiseled and stuff, way to go Drew!

So tonight was the Top 7 on American Idol...please stop reading if you have not seen it.

They were singing 21st century songs.

The judges came out on stage and Steven Tyler had these big red lipstick kiss lips on his cheek, I looked at J-Lo, not her lipstick, heck I even looked at Hayley, not hers either, heck we didn't even find out till the show was almost over that they were from his daugher Mia (I think that is her name) as she was in the audience. I think this was after Steven spouted off the "F" word a few times and was bleeped, after the commercial they came back and they had big black tape over his mouth. Tonight was a little weird that way. Reminded me of the crazy Paula Abdul.

The Idols that so far have been kicked off opened the show, that was kinda weird.  Do they like fly them in for this, or are they still hanging around Hollywood?

Scotty was first, and this week the Idols were talking about each other, and it was hilarious, cause they were all teasing how Scotty holds his mike all crooked and stuff. He sang amazing and they kept saying Lee Ann Rimes song and I don't remember her ever singing it, but I do remember John Anderson (thanks BFF,  I couldn't remember the first name only that it was Anderson).  

Then my man James was up, in fact I had a dream about him last night, Jeff just rolled his eyes and I said it wasn't like a sexy dream, it was more like a Mum dream, he called me on my phone and he was back stage and he was just saying how excited he was and all that.  It felt so real when I woke up though. Anyway, James sang a song by Muse and I know them because of the Twilight soundtracks, and he came out with like drummers and he had this fun outfit on and it was like a danged concert, if I was a smoker I would have lit my lighter at the end.  I did however start yelling "Encore!" cause I wanted MORE!!!

Then Ho-Hum Haley came on. Seems she has been reading my blog and she wore a very pretty dress tonight. Ha! I did not know the song and it sounded like she might have a cold or something. I say bottom three and I want her to go home. Sorry MAMMa, I just do.

Jacob was next and he sang a Luther song, Dance with my Father Again, and I was afraid he was going to lose it and cry but he controlled himself and did a great job.  This song reminds me of my Poppa, he gave me away at my wedding, so I always sing Dance with my Poppa Again in my head.  Today was Poppa's birthday too, I sure do miss him.  I think that Jacob might be in the bottom three.

Casey - this dude is a cool nerd, and he sounded great, and I can remember when they could not use instruments, and now it makes it so much better.

Stefano was next and he did not do bad, he moved and grooved on the stage, did you catch those Barbie Doublemint Twins singing back up?  So anyway, I think that Stefano the Lip Licker will be bottom three.

Then Lauren closed out the show, she gets more adorable every week and feel bad they keep comparing her or bringing up Miley Cyrus to her cause give me a break, she has more talent in her pinkie over Miley, I'm famous cause of my Dad Cyrus. (I know I'm being mean eh?) I don't think this was Lauren's best performance but I think she should have picked a different song.

So tonight I voted for: James, Scotty & Lauren...did you see that? I switched it up a bit, and voted Scotty over Casey.  What's up Dawg?

OK, enough of my blabbering, I am off to beddie bye.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in!

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