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Letter from Granny

I got a letter from my Granny the other day, the envelope was addressed by my Mum, so I was thinking that maybe the letter would be written by Mum too and that Granny would have just told her what to write, but nope Granny wrote it herself, there was that familiar hand writing that she calls "horrible" and I call beautiful.

When I opened it I was so excited I had to be peeled off the ceiling when I saw she actually wrote it, I have been a bad grand daughter cause I don't write like I used to, yeah I write on my blog every night, and yap about this and that so you would think letter writing would come easy to me and it used to, and then I get busy, and make excuses why I don't, but no more.  

You know why Granny wrote me? She was answering my letter, cause I got off my lazy butt and wrote her a letter to send with her birthday card instead of just signing our names like I usually do. So I should not have been surprised that Granny wrote me back, she is a better person than I ever will be, and if I can be half as good as her in my lifetime I will go to heaven a happy person.

So you know what I did today? I sat and wrote another letter to Granny, and every week I am going to do it, I mean no more stupid "I'm too busy" excuses, life is too short.  So how be you sit down with pen and paper, or your computer like I do, and write a letter to someone you have not talked to in a while, I bet they will be as tickled and their heart will be as full as mine when they open up your letter.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping in!

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