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How to Make a Tea Bag

I'm gonna be quick tonight, I have class in the morning, and I am still setting up.

I showed this card the other day, and a lot of you have emailed me and asked if this was a real tea bag, and no it's not, so this is how I did it.  Carrie Gaskin the super talented girl that I got the idea from filled her tea bag with little heart punches instead, but this was for a shoebox swap so I had to do it quicker.

Here we go...

I'm not sure how to sloooowww the credits down, I am still learning how to use the Window Live Movie Maker thing, but at least I can now add credits and words and stuff.

Well I'm gonna hit they hay to get up early and finish, my eyelids are getting heavy.

Have a super Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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