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Gas Station Etiquette

So today I had to run into town and I needed gas first so I stopped at the local grocery store to get some, I think there are like 20 pumps or so and they were all taken, or the couple that were open was the wrong side of where my tank is, so you just kinda sit and wait for a spot to open, or you could back up into them, but I prefer not to crash into a gas pump so I wait.

I was next and another girl was after me.  So as the truck backs out of the place I am going to go, here comes a white car and he zips in there, and I'm like are you kidding me? So then I just shake my head and wait for the next opening, so then the guys walks out to pay at the window thing, and I yelled at him "Thanks Buddy!" and he looked at me like what did I do? Dork.  So then I pull into the spot that gets empty next and I fill up my truck.  When I am done, I get in and put my debit card in my wallet and then I look up cause I was going to pull out, and I didn't hear the car pull in where I was going to drive out.  He was so far away from the pump I was surprised that the hose thing even reached his car, so then I had to back out, except some guy was right on my butt, cause he wanted my spot. So I started to back up and he motions to me to pull forward, and I'm like I can't pull forward ya goober (please note I am making this PG rated), so I back up more and he sits there,  so I roll my window down and I am like "I have to back up!" he could not see the car in front cause of the way the other guy pulled in. He finally figured it out, and moved so I could get out.  What a crazy mess, and this was like 2:15 in the afternoon, why were these people not at work?

OK enough of that blabbing.  So I got all my paper cut and was big shotting today and I pulled something in my left shoulder so I took some aleve and I hope it goes away by tomorrow. Sucks to get old.

So did you watch American Idol? If not, don't read on.  Oh and if you watch it, please don't email me during it, I got a couple emails from people, luckily they didn't let the cat out of the bag.  But we don't see it till like 3 hours after the east coast.  I just need to make sure not to read emails during the show. I am glad that you are all excited about it though.

Again they started the show with Lauren and Scotty as the duet, they sounded great. Do you think that they think that these two will be the final two? Hmmmm....

Casey and Hayley sang too, and she was so excited, she forgot her dress, and just wore her slip on stage.  

I loved the entertainment tonight Jason Aldene and Kelly Clarkson, and people that don't like country music? How can you not? I mean you can understand the lyrics and it is just so nice to listen to. While they were singing though I thought Paul had escaped and was playing his guitar in the back ground as their was someone jitterbugging around back there, but it was one of the band guys.

They showed a preview for the movie Cowboys and Aliens, wow that seems an odd combination doesn't it? But Ron Howard, Spielberg, Harrison Ford, it has to be a hit right?

Then they had the rest of the guys sing, and they were not bad, and actually when Paul sang he sounded good cause the song was Mrs. Robinson and that is his cup of tea.

Rhianna sang and she looked gorgeous in her velvet-ish dress.  I was not sure if those girls with the sheets were going to do Cirque De Solei with them (and I think that would have been cool) but they didn't.

So it came down again to Stefano and another person as the bottom two, and again Stefano was safe and Paul was the first guy to go home.  I guess I was not even realizing that no guy had gone home yet.

So I almost had the bottom three right but I reversed Jacob and Paul.  

Well I am gonna head to bed, I have a private morning class that I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks for stopping in.

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