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Happy Happy!!! Yesterday we got an email with our cabin assignment for the Stampin' Up! Alaskan cruise we are going on in May.  In 2004 we went on our first cruise ever and it was to Alaska so I am excited to be going back and I think it still has not sunk in that we will be going again, the year before we had just missed the trip to the Carribean so it is cool to be going again. I don't know if you remember me telling you how Jeff and I met, but he was headed to Alaska when we met in Canada, and then he never made it to Alaska (cause we fell in love and got married and moved to Arizona) until we earned the trip with Stampin' Up! and it was in our 20 year Anniversary year, cool eh?

We are just waiting on that actual mail that holds our paperwork, and it is always fun to see how our tickets will be packaged, what kind of folder they will be in cause that usually tells us what kind of bag we will get on board.  We have almost made it to next years Disney trip, I just have a bit more sales to go.

We are going to take Eric next year, we have never taken him before cause it is always just a Jeff and me get away time, plus most of them were cruises, and then there was Hawaii and you have to pay for that extra person, so we always were like well Hawaii would have been expensive, and we had never been and who wants to go there with a kid? Well we didn't, mean eh? Plus Eric likes to not miss work and hates his schedule messed up, and I don't think he would have done well on the long Hawaii flight. 

And the cruises, well what if he is sea sick, and all that, but with Disney Jeff is like we are definitley taking him, I know he will be 23 then but he really is still a kid.  We have not told him cause we are waiting till we earn it, then I'll have to surprise him somehow.

But today in the mail I did get this beautiful card. Karen sent her class check and it was tucked inside cause the card is like a folder. I love it!

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This is where the check was, or you could put a gift card or whatever.  I stuck my business card in there just so you could tell what I was talking about.

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Karen used the Two-Step Bird punch, and I love how she made them look like different birds, they almost look like love birds, and my picture does not do them justice how she shaded them. Thanks Karen, you did a beautiful job! See you at class!

Have you seen the new sitcom Traffic Light? I have seen it a few times and I think it is pretty funny, I need to see if I can watch all of them online, cause I think there has not been that many on yet.  The actors are great, I really love Kris Marshall as I loved him in Death at a Funeral, and the one guy Nelson Franklin reminds me of Vince Vaughn a little bit.

Well guess what I did?  I put the Nook App on My Precious and I downloaded a book, it is the third one in the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, so we will see if I like reading a book on the phone or not.  I finished the second book today and the third one is not out in paperback yet, so I thought here goes nothing, I'm gonna Nook it! I'll let you know what I sure will make the stack of books by the bed dwindle if that is what happens from now on.  Although I still have a stack to read and not sure about not having an actual book to hold, like when I start to fall asleep the phone will hurt a lot more falling on my face then a real book, or what about reading in "the library" should you really have your phone in there??

So that being said, this old gal is gonna sign off for tonight and take My Precious to bed and read...ha!

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks so much for stopping in!

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