Sweet Summer
Day of Rest

Don't Waste a Worry

That's what MAMMa tells me, and why don't I listen?  Mark got here this morning at 7am and got the water heater fake wall dealie up, and all was good. Monday he will come back, and put up the crown molding and other little things here and there and then I will go around and take better pictures, and Jeff said he would even tape me (egads) going around showing stuff too, as it will be easier then me doing it with one hand on camera and the other one opening drawers and stuff. 

I did take some pictures of the room this morning before anyone got here, and I'm such a turd and was so excited to see everyone, I took ONE PICTURE, yeah one picture the whole day, I really should be better about taking more...grrr....I think everyone had fun, and everyone likes our new studio. Mark even came over for a bit so he could meet some of the girls and so he could get many a "well done" said to him. I even got some nice gifts, even though I didn't expect any.  A cute shamrock plant from Valna-Rue, an awesome chicken pail and a fresh eggs sign from Emilie, Julie & Karen, and a pretty mum flower from Sandy. Thank you so much my sweet friends, I am so glad you all were able to come share the grand opening so to speak even though we have been having classes with everything going on.

Here's a few pictures to tide you over, and then this old gal is going to bed, and you know what? I am turning off the alarm and am going to sleep in!

Open House Remodel 004 copy
As you walk in the door, this is what you see on the left side of the room.

Open House Remodel 005 copy
So basically I stood at the door and kinda panned with the camera.

Open House Remodel 006 copy
What I thought it was doing was making a panorama, cause it was doing the whole have the picture before be there so I could kinda line them up, but then I didn't know how to save it, so they are all individual pictures, I'll have to figure out how to do it.

Open House Remodel 011 copy
This is standing at my desk and looking at the cutting and big shot counter, and cardstock storage.

Open House Remodel 012 copy
My infamous red shelf that I had orders from Mary to NOT PAINT!  Ha!  I did however dust it...ha!

Open House Remodel 013 copy
This is the view from the other corner. The center table today we used as the snack table, the other two were the make n takes.

Open House Remodel 014 copy
Here's another view, showing the now covered water heater...ha! embellishment cabinet, computer station and other storage...like I said I'll take better pictures later, I was just going quick today.

Open House Remodel 021 copy
So after I took pics of the room and got it ready, I had to get the cupcakes done.  When I went to the store to get the cupcake liners with my girlfriend Rhonda for our spring fling event, I also picked up liners for myself as well as this little thing that scoops out a hole in the center of the cupcake.

Open House Remodel 022 copy
After I gave all the cupcakes a belly button, I filled them with marshmallow creme and butter all blended together, it kinda tasted like ding dong filling.

Open House Remodel 023 copy
Who woulda thunk that marshmallow creme and butter would be so yummy?  So I put the filling in a bag, cut off the end and piped it into the holes, I felt like a professional baker doing this.

Open House Remodel 025 copy
Then I put cream cheese icing on them and added some chocolate sprinkle things.  They were very good.

Open House Remodel 030 copy
So this is how much fun I had today and how busy I was, there were people here from 10 am - 5 or later, never was there someone not here, so it went fast, but I only took this one picture.  You'll just have to imagine all the fun going on.

OK, well this girl is whooped, my niece Lauren and her honey Josh came over tonight so we all went to the Olive Garden to eat and the wait was over an hour and then they forgot about us waiting, so we got a free appetizer, so it is late, and my belly is full.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks so much for stopping in.

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