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So I think it has been months since my friend and fellow Demonstrator, and a super sweet Canadian one at that, Lynsay Mahon asked if she could surprise her Mum Donna and spend a couple hours stamping in a "private class" when they came to Arizona?  I was like "are you kidding?" 

But since it was a surprise I couldn't say anything, what if I said something and someone told Donna? So I kept Mum. 

So today I headed over to the Deli as we were going to meet there for lunch, and I wondered what Lyns was going to say to her Mum about me being there, and I guess she finally told her what was up her sleeve last night.  So it was super awesome to finally meet Donna, she is such a sweetheart and it sure made me miss my Mum.

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Here's the girls making their cards, I did my workshop for March for them, and it was too funny pretending to talk to them like they didn't know how to stamp, since they are both amazing Demonstrators. I think I did teach them a thing or two though.  How about that 10/10/20 grid sheet tracker tip eh girls?

Lynsay and Donna also brought me some Canadian treats, ketchup chips, kit kat bars, and smarties...yum-yum, and I am even surprising myself and have not opened them yet.  I got all day tomorrow...ha!

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We set our cameras on the cutting table on top of the Multi-purpose platform and took pics of the three of us.  Toby's a lover not a photographer.

So I took a video of the girls the other day, hopping up to eat the leaves on the tree and in the rocks, and I uploaded it to Youtube from my phone, but it aint in my videos..so where the heck is it? So I am not sure how to get it off my phone.  I tried emailing it, and that didn't work.  I thought I had sent a video from my phone to Youtube before.

So American Idol, what a night!  If you haven't watched it, look away, stop reading....you have been warned.

Tonight the Idols sang Elton John, and I was like yeah! I like his music.

First up was:

Scotty and I'll be gull-darned if'n he didn't find a country song by Elton John, and y'all know what?  He did amazing, and I would buy that song today, he was so entertaining, and it was a great way to open the show. Loved the Grandma call out..Yeehaw and all that!

Naimi, well I love raggae but I wish she would have just sang the song regular and saved her raggae song for when they can pick their own music night, which going by something Randy said might be next week. I think she will be in the bottom three.

Paul: Well he busted out his roses enblazoned white tux again and he sang it basically like Paul sings, and one thing I would like to say is...umm...Paul, please shave your neck. That aint a metaphor for anything, his neck is hairy, I don't mind a beard or five oclock shadow but I hate a hairy neck like that, unless you are Kevin Kline in that western and he was so hairy he had a beard up under his eyes.  

Pia: Ok she can sing already, she is gorgeous and the dresses just fit her perfectly.  BUT how many freaking times is she going to sing a ballad and then say "oh you keep me on, next week I'll sing blah! blah!" well I am sick of hearing that, I wanna see her sing something else.

Stefano:  He did much better this week then last week and seemed to really be enjoying himself up there.

Lauren:  She is so beautiful and she did an amazing job and she showed herself in another way, and I loved Steven Tylers's flirtyness with her and man when he does that big toothy grin...cutie patootie, and when he said something about her dress. Loved the whole interaction between her and the judges.

James: my man, my boy, my star - oh sorry I really like him if you didn't catch that.  He kicked butt all over the stage, he had fire and jumping and running, and all I can say is SOLD!! Where can I get that CD, those concert tickets?  I loved he mentioned the pepsi incident cause of the hair spray and the fire, only to have Ryan (who must have let James use his hair spray, cause his hair was flat tonight) said that they were sponsored by Coke...oopsee...oh well they made up for it, the commercial right next was for Coke.

Thia: the 3 B's....Beautiful But Boring - I say bottom three

Casey: he sang "my song", I told Jeff "they are singing my song (it's actually called Your Song),  you know my (insert old highschool boyfriends name here) poem to me?" and Jeff was like "I'm going to bed" Ha!  When I was in highschool I had a boyfriend and he wrote Your Song in a letter to me, and I don't think at the time did I know that it was an Elton John song, it was just a pretty poem and then later after we had broke up I had heard it on the radio in the back seat of the car, and I cried when I heard it.  So I don't cry anymore, God knew what he was doing when he gave me Jeff, but I still remember that from way back then and love to tease Jeff about the boyfriend who shall not be named...ha! Anyway back to Casey, got a little sidetracked there.  He did awesome, and he totally was all cleaned up, hair and beard a bit shorter, when they showed him in the barber chair they made it look like he had a goatee or something didn't it?

Jacob: So Jacob got his picture taken with Mary J Blige while he was practicing and his eyes were closed in the picture, and I was like that would be just my luck too.  I didn't like his performance tonight and I didn't know the song, but he seems so over the top and too broadway-ish for me. He has pipes, but he needs to be taught to control them and they have even commented on his dramatic singing.

Haley: OMG! so the whole beginning of her song I was like well I see the stool there that means she is going to have to get off the piano...hmmm...will she turn around and come down backwards, and twist her head around like Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her and keep singing? Will she stay up there and the stool is only what got her there?  But she finally scooted, I hope not skidded...ugh, her dress was short, over to the side of the piano and got down, the judges must have been deaf by the end of the night, cause J-Lo said it was the best of the night.  Maybe she meant best dismount? - Bottom three.

So I voted for Scotty, James, Lauren and Casey...I know I voted for four even though Jeff said I can only vote for three, but he went to bed before it was over...ha!

Well this old gal is off to beddie bye.

Today is the last day for Sale-a-Bration if there is anything you need, make sure to let me know.

Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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