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You are all THE BEST!

Yes I am shouting. That is what capital letters mean right? Or maybe you hit the caps lock button by mistake and you are too lazy to backspace and correct it.  But I meant to yell.

You are all THE BEST blog readers ever! In fact, I am so glad I have the little search dealie on my blog.  If you are reading my blog in a reader you won't see it.  You have to go to the blog directly and it is on the right hand side near the top.

A few of you when you have told me your favorite post, I am like huh? I said that? Ha! So I type in a word or two in the search box and sure enough most of them are coming up.  I am even getting a laugh when I read some of my old posts, and now that is kinda sad isn't it? To laugh at yourself?

I wish I could answer each and every one of you on your comments, I am beaming with a big smile and a tear in my eye now and then at them, and you are giving this old gal an ego boost, thank you so much, you will never know how much it means to me.

I wanted to show you a quick card today that I did with My Digital Studio.  I ordered some of these cards a while ago, it is the same layout but one is a Birthday card and the other one I made into a Thank You and a Just For You but it is actually one printed card that I will turn into two cards.  I'll show you what I mean.

Here is the Birthday card...

010 copy
...this is the outside and then the inside looks like this...

011 copy
So the wishing you happiness today & always is on the right hand side on the inside of the card.  So keep that in mind when I show you the next couple pictures.

006 copy
OK so I took a picture of this other card so you could see the inside and the outside.  The Just For You is the front of the card, and the Thank You is on the inside of the card on the right hand side like where the birthday greeting was on the Happy Birthday card.  Does that make sense?  So basically where you see the back of the Just for you card with the My Digital Studio emblem, on the flip side of it is the Thank You that is shown above it.

So then I cut the card in half and I get two cards out of one. So I paid for one card but got two.  Isn't that like BOGO?  Ha!

Then all I did was trimmed it down and layered it on cardstock. You can fancy it up a bit or leave it as is.

007 copy
Here is the card trimmed and layered on Baja Breeze and Soft Suede.  I turned it into a Hybrid card by adding some Baja Breeze seam binding.

009 copy
This card I am going to mail as a Thank You for my on-line orders this month so I did not add a ribbon so it stays flat in the envelope. So if you placed an order in my on-line store this month, watch for one of these pretty cards to show up in your mail box.  If you haven't ordered yet, there is still time..hint! hint! nudge! nudge! say no more!

Tonight I thought I would be all fancy, when I was checking some past recipes on my blog, it made me hungry so I made beef stew last night, and then tonight I made french onion soup and french dip sandwiches. Tres Bien!!

004 copy
It looks yummy no? The weird part is, is when I was making the french onion soup, even though I have made it before the recipe did not ring a bell as I was making it. It has been a while and maybe I made it wrong last time and skipped steps I don't know.  But it was freaky.

As I was making stuff, I can't remember now what ingredient I was using but it reminded me of one of my pet peeves.  Expiration dates.  Sometimes either there is none or it is all these danged letters and numbers that mean nothing.  I have had to call a company before and read off the number to be told if the product was still good.  That drives me nuts.

Ok, well this old gal is hitting the hay.

Have an awesome Saturday (Jeff was off Friday, so all day I was thinking it was Saturday, what the heck will it be like when he retires?)

Thanks for stopping in!

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