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Heartfelt Blissful FLICKs

015 copy

It's that time of month again to get my FLICKs (First Level Incentive Card Kits) done and in the mail to my girls.  I saw this card by Vicki Burdick and I loved it and knew I wanted to do it. Sale-a-Bration has a month left and this way the girls will have a card they can use at their classes or workshops to show off this gorgeous Bliss set. I used this card for my Stamp Club girls for this month too. Thanks Vicki for your beautiful card to case.

013 copy
Stamp Set: Bliss, Sweetheart

Paper: Basic Black, Riding Hood Red, Very Vanilla, First Edition DSP

Ink: Basic Black, Riding Hood Red

Misc: Square Lattice Embossing folder, 1 1/4" circle punch, 1 3/8" circle punch, Basic Black satin ribbon, silver brads

When I went out to gather eggs this morning I got a really cute one.

001 copy
Look at the cute speckles on the one.  We got 4 eggs today, with the cooler weather, we have been getting from 2 to 4 a day. I also had not taken any pictures of the girls lately so I took my old point and shoot camera out to catch a few.

003 copy
Gertie moved her head so I didn't get her face, I don't know how to take the pictures so the danged old wires don't show, if I get close that kinda works.  But you can see her gorgeous color.  I am pretty sure the speckled egg came from Gertie.

006 copy
Here's Clara with Alice behind her, she is my golden girl.

008 copy
This one makes me laugh, Stella is such a character, and she can't wait to run up into the roost to be petted when you come out.  It looks like she is saying "hey make sure you get my best side" I love the cocked head. 

Well I am gonna call it a night and will chat with you tomorrow.

Have an awesome Wednesday and thanks for stopping in.

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Sugary Goodness

But not as sweet as my friends though.

004 copy

Look at these cute candy flowers that Ellie brought me the other day when the girls came to class. I gotta tell ya I am loving the dark ones they taste kinda black licorice-y. Thanks Ellie, you are the best!

003 copy

She stamped the greeting on the cup with Stazon. The flowers are stamped and punched out with the scallop circle punch then poke a wooden scewer (better spell that word right eh?) through it and then into the candy.  So darned cute.

I told you I would show you a picture of Penny eating her cake pop.

001 copy
Thanks for being a good sport Penny. They are totally all gone, I even made up the left overs and Eric gobbled them all up.

So lookee what got installed happy happy happy!

007 copy
Upper cabinets on the last wall, the doors should be put on Friday or Saturday, so the end is near, I think then it's just the crown molding, and the bolt thingie for my 12x12 paper, then I can show you all of it. I'll wait till after March 5th though as that is my Open House to show it off.

009 copy
Here's another view...see my lovely water heater way in the corner?  Too funny a lot of people had no clue it was there cause we had a room divider-y thing covering it. There will be a fake cabinet that will cover it, and that way we can remove one side if we ever need to replace it.

Now to figure out where I want everything.  Fun! I will definitely be getting rid of stuff that I used to use in here, containers, shelves, 12x12 cardstock keepers etc., and will put out stuff to sell later. Remember my super cute vintage-y cup and saucer dealie I was gonna put my punches on? Well it does not fit under the counters...crap, so now I need to find another use for it, or sell it.

Well I am gonna go do some arranging right now, so I am gonna say nightie night!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks so much for stopping in.

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Bear Hugs

010 copy

Another free set! Yep this is another set you can get for free when you spend $50.00 before tax and shipping during Sale-a-Bration. Just remember to use the item number from the Sale-a-Bration catalog and not the big catalog. That is #123895, this way it comes up for free and not with a price.

009 copy

I wanted to make it look kinda like a baby quilt so I grabbed a couple styles of DSP that went together, plus I wanted the DSP to have a heart so it went with the little rattle. I did some paper piercing and made it look like it was stitched, and connected the punch holes with a marker. I colored with the Watercolor Wonder Crayons and a blender pen.

006 copy

Stamp Set: Bear Hugs

Paper: Real Red, Tempting Turquoise, Whisper White, Basic Black, Play Date DSP, Pawsitively Prints II DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Black Marker

Misc: Paper Piercer, Mat Pack, Square punch to make fish tail on banner

Today I had another round of my Cupcake class, it was fun to see everyone, I don't think anyone ate their cake pop at class so no pictures, I will show you the picture of Penny tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last for this class.

So if you have not watched the results of Worst Cooks of America don't read anymore.  I am so glad that Joshie won, I think it was a close race but he did better then Georg and oh my gosh Chef Irvine did not look good as a blonde, that was too funny.  He would have to keep his hair like that for a while wouldn't he? Cause I don't think it would be good to dye your hair like twice in a row would it?

OK, I am gonna hit the hay, I am crossing my fingers, my eyes, my knees, anything I can cross that Mark brings the rest of the doors and upper cabinets tomorrow afternoon.  I know I probably sound like a broken record eh?

Have an awesome Monday and thanks so much for stopping in.

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Blog Awards

Recently and not so recently cause I have one for the life of me I am trying to find out where it came from, aren't I bad?

I got this sparkly Stylish blogger Award

Stylish blogger award

Tiffany Bauer

Mickey Roberts

Debbie Reaves


Jennifer Kay

I also got this one a while ago and I can't remember from who, I am searching and searching, so as soon as I find out I will let you know, cause look how cute it is and I have never seen it before, if it was you...please please please let me know!!

Cherry On Top Award-1
I know I am supossed to answer questions and pass them on and I am going to be bad.  I think if you read my blog and you also read other blogs and you think they deserve an award too, I say go ahead and pass this along to them. Put a smile on their face like these did for me!

Thank you so much for the awards girls I really really appreciate it. Mwah!

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I am a Stamper...

...not a Butcher, a Baker or Candlestick Maker.  

Today proved the Baker part. I was going to make cupcakes for my cupcake classes this weekend, I even bought cute little colored liners and even a thing to take out the center so you could fill it with yummy goodness.  But did I? Make cupcakes? No, I thought hey I wanna make cupcake pops instead. In fact I had picked up the dipping chocolates and the lollypop sticks earlier in the month.  I got a cake mix, the icing and sprinkly things the other day.  I thought how cute would these be?

Well it started out ok, I baked the cake with no problems, it smelled yummy.  I let it cool completely like it said to do.

002 copy
I used a food processer to crumble up the cake, I added the icing like it said, and I mixed it all up well.  Then I made them into balls, and put them on parchment paper and put them in the fridge for an hour to cool.

003 copy
They really look like cake poops instead of pops at this stage...ha! But when I was all done and cleaned out the bowl before I tossed it in the sink I tried it and oh yum! Very good!

So after an hour I melted the chocolate and took them out of the fridge, I put the lollypop stick in like it said, but they were so heavy they were falling off and into the chocolate, so then I thought well they must be too big, so I halved them and rolled them into smaller balls, then I dunked the stick into the chocolate and then into the ball and I thought I would stick them in the freezer so they really got stuck to the stick.

005 copy
So I let them go into the freezer for 10-15 minutes.  I reheated the chocolate and tried again and this worked way better.

006 copy
I had my toppings all ready to go after dunking.  

007 copy
Isn't it cute?  If you clicked on the link I am sure you saw that they were supossed to look like a mini cupcake. Well that was not working for me. I was using an old aspic shape thing and it was not working right, if I ever do them again, I think I need to use not as much icing (cause I think they were too soft) and I will need to get the little cookie cutter thingie Bakerella mentions, or I won't put them on the stick and just have them like individual truffle-y things. Cause they sure do taste good.

009 copy
Luckily I had some styrofoam left over from my Decor Element frame so I had something to stick the pops in while they dried.

As I was doing them I sent Ellie a picture so she could see what I was doing.  She said "wouldn't it have been easier to make cupcakes?" and I was like Yep, I could have made 6 dozen cupcakes in the time it took me to do these.

010 copy
I baggied them up and tied them with ribbon, they would look cuter if I had curly ribbon but I am sure they will taste just as yummy without it.  I hope the girls enjoy them and know that my intentions were sincere and I wish they had of turned out like I envisioned.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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