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Hostess with the Mostess

025 copy

I had my workshop today at Susie's and it was so great to see everyone again. I have had a few people ask me "what do you do for a Hostess gift?" "what do you take your stuff to workshops in?" So I made sure to take some pictures as I was getting ready last night.

024 copy

As for the Hostess gift, this can vary, I usually try to make it be handstamped, but sometimes I have done product instead, sometimes it is a seasonal thing, like at Christmas I gave the 4x4 Decor Element frame, I remember years ago when the 6x6 tiles were all the rage and I would do them so they went with the Hostess' kitchen, one time it was so cute, my Hostess asked if I could make it for her husband cause he was the cook, and I said sure, so the tile had the hubby's name and had a car on it.  It makes me feel good when I see the Hostess years later and she still has the tile displayed in her kitchen. I will try to see if I can find a picture of the tile from my kitchen on my blog (I thought I showed it years ago but can't find it), if not, I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow...note to self...remember...ha!  

This time I gave Susie 5 handstamped cards, tied up with beautiful Riding Hood Red striped ribbon, this is a retired ribbon, even though the color is current, but while supplies last you can get it on the clearance rack, so I snagged a bunch, in fact I have it tied on a few things in my studio, I love the tiny touch of red here and there which ties in my red hutch.  I really hate to have to repaint that, so this makes me keep telling myself I don't need to.  I also attached a little vintage tag and a black Simply Adorned Bauble with a vintage trinket pin. She loved it.

023 copy
So as I get the cards cut I put the ingredients needed together, this way I don't by accident put it away and forget to take it, although it has happened before..hey that is when you learn to improvise.

022 copy
I use empty embellishment containers to take the embellishments needed for each card, I also use empty stamp set boxes to take the cut ribbon. What I do is I like to set it out so I can see it, I will look at the card and make sure I have everything for it. Having the extra counter space really does help.  I find that I am keeping my class tables clear (or will be once I have put everything away as I bring it out of the guest room).

029 copy
Then I load up my totes, the black bag in the back left is the Demonstrator business bag we can buy as a Demonstrator, I love this bag, it holds my workshop catalogs, order forms, calculator and card guts. The brown bag beside it is a Leadership tote we got years ago and that is what I use to take my Big Shot to the workshop. Then I have two of the Greenhouse Gala totes, I was so glad when we could order another one.  I have my workshop stamps and stuff in one, and then the other one is the stuff I take to display, my MDS CD, MDS finished items, fabric, 3-d items, calendars, ribbon, punch, dsp sampler rings etc. Then one of my favorite antique treasures from my trip to my BFF Tracy's house last year, an enamel bucket. This holds card samples.

When I was driving home a BMW car passed me, it was really sporty and really low and it was a two door car and obviously by the huge printer box the poor woman passenger had on her lap so she could barely see out the window it didn't have any trunk room. Ha! I'll take my Nitro anyday. Load it up baby!!

As I am typing this, Monk is on, I love this show, and I am waiting for the credits cause I think the one actor on tonight is Twilight's Bella's Dad.  I think I have the episode all figured out.

Have an awesome Monday, I'm off to the vet, Toby has his yearly exam, I haven't broken the news to him yet, I figured I would do it over breakfast.

Thanks for stopping in.

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The Antique Shopping Gods...

...were smiling down on me. Two things that I had seen months ago were still there today and I snagged em and one almost made me cry when I got it and I think I did skip as I took it to the truck.

A few months ago the antique mall had a parking lot sale, store vendors and probably just anyone could set up tables and sell stuff.  I remember seeing this box back then when I was with Lauren and I can't remember if I picked it up and looked at it or not, but I already had my shabby chic cup and saucer thing for my punches so I thought I was all set.  But after realizing it was not going to fit under the cabinet for my punches (I don't want to hang the new style on the IKEA bars my black ones are on), I knew I had to find something new, or just leave them inside the cabinet. So I measured the space I had and I even put a punch in my purse and off I went to the antique mall. There was a danged old parade on Main Street so I didn't think I was ever gonna get there, but I was determined, it takes more then a parade to keep me away from antique shopping.

I picked up a few little jars for my embellishment cabinets before I got to this booth and I saw the box again and I was surprised to see it, I don't know why no one bought it before...and I measured it and it was the right size, and the punch fit in there perfect.  I asked "how much?" and the guy said "$35.00" but before I could say "what's the lowest you will go?"...I see that on the Cash & Cari show...he said "I will take $25.00", and I was like sold, well I didn't really say that, but I said "I'll take it", he explained where it came from and I showed him what I was gonna use it for. I could hardly wait to get home to clean it up and see how it works, what do you think?

020 copy
Look how great the punches fit in it. I love it! My little tiny ones and the border punches don't but that is ok I have them up in the cabinet.

I also saw this cute chandelier a few months back, probably the same day as I saw the box.

Candle chandelier copy
I didn't get it and I have been thinking about it ever since, so today I went right to that booth and it was still there, so as I was trying to get it down, a girl came in and was like "Hey Mum look at this light, and there is one over here too" and oops I was already getting it, so it was fate.  She ended up buying the other one that is electrical.  This one is for candles and I want to put my little battery operated ones in it, I am wondering if I should leave them that mustard waxy color, or try to dip them in white wax.  I have an idea where it will hang when the room gets done.

I also got more jars...

008 copy 

...the little ones that are non-pariels or something for baking, even had the cake decorations inside, I thought great, I'll use them for my Open House cupcakes...ha! Just kidding. I told that to Jeff and he looked at me like "what? aren't they old?" This coming from a man that chews tobacco...ugh. At least it aint wacky tobacky but still...blech! I dumped out the stuff and washed them up.  I love jars with old labels or writing on the lids.

001 copy
Here's a couple square-ish shaped Ball jars, and a couple cute facial cleanser old jars.

002 copy
Quickies and that is quite the names of facial cleansers eh?

003 copy
I also picked these up, not sure what the silver lidded one was for I am thinking maybe like sugar or something, the red lid was some sort of maybe cinnamon, and the red lid with the turn thing is a nut chopper.

004 copy
Of course I found some more ball jars, and the one on the left had a lid I had never seen before. I bought it from a deaf lady so I couldn't ask her about it. I'm deaf but I don't know sign.  Well I know a few sign language words, some are used when someone cuts you off when you are driving...ha! Others were words Eric was taught as a kid, cookie, milk, lizard, wait, now, Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa...stuff like that.

005 copy
Cool eh? There is metal but the inside lid thing is glass.

006 copy
I also picked up some ball zinc lids, sometimes I will find a jar with no lid, and also these are neat to put stuff out in class, like buttons or stuff.

Wow as I sit here typing the wind is really kicking up, and I can even feel a breeze coming in.

007 copy
Here are a couple little creamer jars ( I love these) and a little ink well jar.

009 copy
I found another cute little bread pan, and I already painted it up vanilla and it's in the drawer with markers in it already.

015 copy
So after I took the pictures of everything, I went and washed them all up and got them clean and tidy to fill with embellishments and what nots.

017 copy
 Don't you love my priorities? These are the dirty dishes from last night, I had to take them out of the sink to wash my antique finds...ha! 

So after I got home and fixed everything up, I was finishing cutting paper for my workshop tomorrow and Mark called to say he was on his way.  He was brining some drawer fronts and cabinet fronts, and my glass cabinet doors, I was surprised he had them already cause he just dropped them off at the glass people yesterday. So as the guys were working it was funny to listen to Mark as he laid on the floor underneath my cabinet figuring out how to make the drawer fit under where I sit with my computer.  I told him that I could not do what he does with all the measuring, and then he said "every craft has its tricks, you probably have them for making cards too" and then I thought I guess he was right.  I was explaining how I measure in dits, and he just smiled...what a nice man. 

Mark & Jose putting on doors
Here's Jose (on the ladder thing) and Mark. Smile pretty, boys! They are probably secretly thinking "she measures in dits! Ha!"

Doors starting to go on
Here's a little sneak. I can't get over how big the room looks now, everyone that comes to class says the same thing.  By the middle of next week we should be all Open House is the 5th so it better be eh? Too funny, my friend Lynn from Paper Craft Planet asked me if that was a still in the corner...ha! Can you imagine?  You won't see that in a few days.

I had the new Karate Kid movie on tonight, I had seen the original years ago and loved it, but this one with Jaden Smith (who looks so much like his Dad) was such a good movie, I loved the story line and everything about it.  What I didn't like was (and basically it has to be this way cause that is the movie) that chinese kid looked so mean, and when the ref had to keep dragging him off the pointy haired kid, why wasn't he disqualified that could not be fair, and that teacher that was teaching the bad boys should be ashamed of himself.  I really hope this is just a movie and this stuff does not happen in real life. I loved the ending where all the bad teacher's kids bowed to the good teacher, that made me cry, and wasn't that little girl that the Karate Kid liked adorable?  

Well I need to stop blabbing and get stuff packed so I can hit the hay and get up early for my workshop.

Have an awesome Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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You are all THE BEST!

Yes I am shouting. That is what capital letters mean right? Or maybe you hit the caps lock button by mistake and you are too lazy to backspace and correct it.  But I meant to yell.

You are all THE BEST blog readers ever! In fact, I am so glad I have the little search dealie on my blog.  If you are reading my blog in a reader you won't see it.  You have to go to the blog directly and it is on the right hand side near the top.

A few of you when you have told me your favorite post, I am like huh? I said that? Ha! So I type in a word or two in the search box and sure enough most of them are coming up.  I am even getting a laugh when I read some of my old posts, and now that is kinda sad isn't it? To laugh at yourself?

I wish I could answer each and every one of you on your comments, I am beaming with a big smile and a tear in my eye now and then at them, and you are giving this old gal an ego boost, thank you so much, you will never know how much it means to me.

I wanted to show you a quick card today that I did with My Digital Studio.  I ordered some of these cards a while ago, it is the same layout but one is a Birthday card and the other one I made into a Thank You and a Just For You but it is actually one printed card that I will turn into two cards.  I'll show you what I mean.

Here is the Birthday card...

010 copy
...this is the outside and then the inside looks like this...

011 copy
So the wishing you happiness today & always is on the right hand side on the inside of the card.  So keep that in mind when I show you the next couple pictures.

006 copy
OK so I took a picture of this other card so you could see the inside and the outside.  The Just For You is the front of the card, and the Thank You is on the inside of the card on the right hand side like where the birthday greeting was on the Happy Birthday card.  Does that make sense?  So basically where you see the back of the Just for you card with the My Digital Studio emblem, on the flip side of it is the Thank You that is shown above it.

So then I cut the card in half and I get two cards out of one. So I paid for one card but got two.  Isn't that like BOGO?  Ha!

Then all I did was trimmed it down and layered it on cardstock. You can fancy it up a bit or leave it as is.

007 copy
Here is the card trimmed and layered on Baja Breeze and Soft Suede.  I turned it into a Hybrid card by adding some Baja Breeze seam binding.

009 copy
This card I am going to mail as a Thank You for my on-line orders this month so I did not add a ribbon so it stays flat in the envelope. So if you placed an order in my on-line store this month, watch for one of these pretty cards to show up in your mail box.  If you haven't ordered yet, there is still time..hint! hint! nudge! nudge! say no more!

Tonight I thought I would be all fancy, when I was checking some past recipes on my blog, it made me hungry so I made beef stew last night, and then tonight I made french onion soup and french dip sandwiches. Tres Bien!!

004 copy
It looks yummy no? The weird part is, is when I was making the french onion soup, even though I have made it before the recipe did not ring a bell as I was making it. It has been a while and maybe I made it wrong last time and skipped steps I don't know.  But it was freaky.

As I was making stuff, I can't remember now what ingredient I was using but it reminded me of one of my pet peeves.  Expiration dates.  Sometimes either there is none or it is all these danged letters and numbers that mean nothing.  I have had to call a company before and read off the number to be told if the product was still good.  That drives me nuts.

Ok, well this old gal is hitting the hay.

Have an awesome Saturday (Jeff was off Friday, so all day I was thinking it was Saturday, what the heck will it be like when he retires?)

Thanks for stopping in!

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Blog Anniversary - 3 Years Already

This Blog Candy is closed, and the winner has been chosen, thanks to everyone for entering.!

Hugs ~Di


Oops! I missed my own Blog Anniversary!

It was three years on February 11. Can you believe it? It just seems like yesterday that I started and I wondered what the heck I would even talk about or show each day.

This post will stay on top of my blog until March 2 at noon Arizona time where I will pick the winner. So make sure you scroll down each day so you don't miss my daily post.

So to celebrate, I have some fun Blog Candy for you...

  Three Year Anniversary Blog Candy


This Blog Candy consists of: Accents & Elements Fleurettes, Sending Love Epoxy Brads, Square Lattice Embossing Folder, Versamark pad, Punch Bunch stamp set, Two-Step Owl punch, and three hand stamped cards. These are all brand new unopened items.  How's that for some fun stuff?

So what do you have to do to have a chance to win all these goodies? Answer this question please:

What is your favorite post from the last three years...and why?

Scroll down and enter your answer in the comment area underneath this post, no other days (click on the word comment and it will open up with a box to enter your comment into), emailing me does not count.  Please make sure to include your email address, so I can contact you if you win (some peoples show up some don't).  Only one entry per person please (to clarify as someone asked...that is only one entry for the blog candy and NOT one entry per day), I will delete the repeats...thanks!!! 

Oh and if you don't see your comment right away, don't post another one, I have to approve of them cause of a lot of spam that was coming "hold your horses" as Granny used to say....

I will pick a winner on March 2 at noon Arizona time.

I want to thank all of you for making these last three years so much fun! 

Thanks for stopping in each day, I really appreciate it!

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Bring on the Cake

005 copy

I did this card up quick tonight, I was working on something else and it was not working out and I was getting so frustrated.  I love this stamp set and my favorite stamp is the hand that says "wish BIG" cause it reminds me of Monty Python with those signs that would show up on the show.

003 copy
Stamp Set: Bring on the Cake

Paper: Chocolate Chip, Tempting Turquoise, Real Red, Watercolor paper, Playdate DSP

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Tempting Turquoise, Sahara Sand, Tempting Turquoise, Chocolate Chip

Misc: Paper daisies, red button, red grosgrain

I colored with the ink pads and a blender pen

So if you are American Idol watchers and you have not seen tonight's show, please stop reading.

Here is my two cents: I loved that they sang the Beatles songs and thought the stage displays were pretty cool.  I love James, the young guy that has Tourettes, he reminds me a bit of Adam Lambert but this guy is straight.  He is so talented and I hope he goes far.  I loved Tim & Julie the couple that played the keyboards together, they sounded awesome. I also loved Kendra & Paul they sang a duet too, and for some reason I was thinking they were married. But I don't think so now, he is so cute and I am glad to see he went on, they didn't let us know about Kendra yet unless she got cut already, tomorrow night they will tell the rest of the 24.  I really like Jordan, and Hayley, I can't believe they kicked off Hollie, and OMG! how could they kick off Chris Medina who I loved the last song he sang, I mean they kept the dork with the black rimmed round glasses, that I don't even know his name, he kicked Jacee out of their group earlier.  He rubs me the wrong way, and will be waiting for him to get the boot.

I really am loving the addition of Steven and J-Lo this season, and I think they add some personal tenderness to the show and not so mean.  I felt bad for Jennifer as she had to tell the people they were kicked off, how did she get that job? Did she draw the short straw?

Oh and all the excitement going on I totally missed my third Blog anniversary, so make sure to come back tomorrow I will have some great Blog candy that you can have a chance at winning. 

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