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I had my workshop today at Susie's and it was so great to see everyone again. I have had a few people ask me "what do you do for a Hostess gift?" "what do you take your stuff to workshops in?" So I made sure to take some pictures as I was getting ready last night.

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As for the Hostess gift, this can vary, I usually try to make it be handstamped, but sometimes I have done product instead, sometimes it is a seasonal thing, like at Christmas I gave the 4x4 Decor Element frame, I remember years ago when the 6x6 tiles were all the rage and I would do them so they went with the Hostess' kitchen, one time it was so cute, my Hostess asked if I could make it for her husband cause he was the cook, and I said sure, so the tile had the hubby's name and had a car on it.  It makes me feel good when I see the Hostess years later and she still has the tile displayed in her kitchen. I will try to see if I can find a picture of the tile from my kitchen on my blog (I thought I showed it years ago but can't find it), if not, I'll take a picture and post it tomorrow...note to self...remember...ha!  

This time I gave Susie 5 handstamped cards, tied up with beautiful Riding Hood Red striped ribbon, this is a retired ribbon, even though the color is current, but while supplies last you can get it on the clearance rack, so I snagged a bunch, in fact I have it tied on a few things in my studio, I love the tiny touch of red here and there which ties in my red hutch.  I really hate to have to repaint that, so this makes me keep telling myself I don't need to.  I also attached a little vintage tag and a black Simply Adorned Bauble with a vintage trinket pin. She loved it.

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So as I get the cards cut I put the ingredients needed together, this way I don't by accident put it away and forget to take it, although it has happened before..hey that is when you learn to improvise.

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I use empty embellishment containers to take the embellishments needed for each card, I also use empty stamp set boxes to take the cut ribbon. What I do is I like to set it out so I can see it, I will look at the card and make sure I have everything for it. Having the extra counter space really does help.  I find that I am keeping my class tables clear (or will be once I have put everything away as I bring it out of the guest room).

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Then I load up my totes, the black bag in the back left is the Demonstrator business bag we can buy as a Demonstrator, I love this bag, it holds my workshop catalogs, order forms, calculator and card guts. The brown bag beside it is a Leadership tote we got years ago and that is what I use to take my Big Shot to the workshop. Then I have two of the Greenhouse Gala totes, I was so glad when we could order another one.  I have my workshop stamps and stuff in one, and then the other one is the stuff I take to display, my MDS CD, MDS finished items, fabric, 3-d items, calendars, ribbon, punch, dsp sampler rings etc. Then one of my favorite antique treasures from my trip to my BFF Tracy's house last year, an enamel bucket. This holds card samples.

When I was driving home a BMW car passed me, it was really sporty and really low and it was a two door car and obviously by the huge printer box the poor woman passenger had on her lap so she could barely see out the window it didn't have any trunk room. Ha! I'll take my Nitro anyday. Load it up baby!!

As I am typing this, Monk is on, I love this show, and I am waiting for the credits cause I think the one actor on tonight is Twilight's Bella's Dad.  I think I have the episode all figured out.

Have an awesome Monday, I'm off to the vet, Toby has his yearly exam, I haven't broken the news to him yet, I figured I would do it over breakfast.

Thanks for stopping in.

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