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Tying One On

Today was so much fun, I went shopping and had lunch with my friend Melissa, we had a blast and the day zipped by so fast. We went to Joannes first and picked up material, she got a bug up my butt when she was telling me about making a blanket with the fleece and tying it into knots.  We had got one years ago from my friend and downline Christa and we love it, it is so snuggly soft.  So I thought hey I would make one for Toby.

Tobys Blanket 010 copy
So I picked up two different fleeces but ones that complimented each other, plus they went with my studio and that is where it will be.

Tobys Blanket 018 copy
Mel told me how to do it and I got started I used my, antique shopping find, fold out ruler to make sure I was doing my cuts even.  Anal much? Yep!

Tobys Blanket 019 copy
So this is it with all the edges cut and ready to start tying.  I had the movie "The Proposal" on while I did this, I have seen it a bunch of times, and I love it.

Tobys Blanket 022 copy
So after a million ties...

Tobys Blanket 023 copy's all done.  I hope he likes it, he went to bed with Daddy so he won't see it till tomorrow.

We went to lunch at Cantina Laredo, we love that place, Mel's family does not like mexican food so we usually head over there when we get together. Afterwards we headed over to Pink Polka Dot Skull and I got the cutest purse and it's red...


...I usually only get black purses, they go with everything and it is less obvious that I have got a new purse, except oops Jeff walked in and saw me taking a picture of my new purse...ha! Jokes on me!

We also went into this store called Charming Charleys and they have lots of well...stuff. I was checking out a cute little purse and check out the tag inside:

Well thank goodness I would hate to buy fake faux leather.

Jeff and Eric went ice fishing today, they caught four good sized trout, and look what he brought me back.

Tobys Blanket 007 copy
A bucket of snow...ha!

So today was good, a bucket of snow from my hubby and...

Tobys Blanket 013 copy
...a bottle of vampire wine from Mel.  I put it on my shelf with all my Twilight stuff.  Thanks Mel, love you girl!

Well I better get off here, I'm gonna go over and see my downline Carri's new little baby girl Sara tomorrow, I picked up a few things today, I have not shopped for a baby in a long time, things sure are different from when I was a new Mum. Rhonda is coming over tomorrow too, we are gonna work on some display stuff for our Spring Fling event, and we may do some cowboy boot shopping.

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in.

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