Hi Nashville...we're here!
It's 2am...

Tea for Two

We took a stroll today around the Gaylord Opryland Resort and it is so beautiful and huge, we have not even seen half of it. We did a little bit of shopping and then headed to class.

But as we were walking look at this cute little setting.

Leadership 2011 day two 004 copy
It's out of ivy...so sweet isn't it? Even the table is ivy. 

Leadership 2011 day two 005 copy

They are taking down most of the Christmas stuff, I think the guy said Monday they will know what will replace it. 

Leadership 2011 day two 006 copy

So today was classes and we missed our first one and got there late, so bad.  We will try to catch it again as it is taught by my good friend Robin Merriman.

Leadership 2011 day two 007 copy
Look at the chandelier in the main stage place. This convention center and resort is beautiful it is hard to believe the devastation that went on a year ago.

This year was a bit different as we were on our own for lunch cause Stampin' Up! was gonna serve us dinner.

Leadership 2011 day two 066 copy

We had a great salad and then we had chicken, asparagus (stinky pee - Ha! that is a side joke with my BFF Tracy and I), rice pilaf and like a roasted tomato, it was good.
Leadership 2011 day two 068 copy

And cheesecake, I have been trying to be good, I am not finishing all my food, and I am trying to cut down on the snacks, but my sweetie pie Cara from Canada brought me Ketchup chips, kit kat chunky chocolate bars and OMG! Tim Hortons coffee, Jeff is gonna go nuts for that! Thanks honey you are the best. Mwah!!

We did a swap with Robin's GoDiva's and I will share those cards when I get home (remind me), I want to say a big shout out to LuAnne, she couldn't make it.  We missed you and love you girl!

After dinner we had a thing to make a card out of contents in a box, and we had horrible colors, sorry but it was true, it was a test I'll tel ya, and then they opened up momento mall and we could go in according to our button color, I got a few things...or more then a few ha!

Leadership 2011 day two 076 copy
We even had an impromptu photo session in the lobby of the ladies room (I refuse to use the men's room that has been converted to the ladies room for us...sorry I'll hold it or find a bush first) Faye didn't have her camera so Tracy took the picture and I said I'd blog her...ha!  I must say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for everyone that stops and says hi and that you read my blog.  I will tell "the girls" when I get home that everyone loves them as much as me...oops and the boys too can't forget about them.  I just hope the guys are taking care of them for me, and I don't have any chicken left overs in the fridge....eww...they wouldn't dare.

So I am gonna sign off for now, Tracy, Rhonda and MAMMa are looking at each others swaps in the other room and I wanna go join in the fun.

Will chat with you tomorrow, thanks for stopping in!

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