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Well I'll be darned if Gertie didn't secretly start to lay and she didn't tell me. Yesterday was the second time we got 4 eggs, and I think she has been laying a week or two, her eggs are lighter brown and they look like they have little holes in the shell,I mean they are not holes but there are little black dot things, it looks more like a rock. I cracked one open and look...

Gertie egg copy

...her yolks are way more orange looking then the other girls. But it tasted just as good fried up in the pan.

I wanted to show you another card the girls did at my 10/10/20 Thank you card class. I didn't have this Notably Ornate set and had seen so many cute things with it I just had to get it.

101020 Note 010 copy
Stamp Set: Notably Ornate

Paper: Early Espresso, So Saffron, Very Vanilla, Botanical Gazette DSP

Ink: Early Espresso

Misc: Decorative Label punch, Oval punch, Top Note Die, Striped Early Espresso ribbon (cut in half of course), vintage trinkets, pearls

Where is the trinket and the pearl you ask?

101020 Note 012 copy
Well right there, I used the vintage trinket button and I stuck a tiny pearl on top, doesn't it totally look like a whole new embellishment? Love it!

So tonight when Jeff got home from work I said "how be we go out for supper?" we have not done that in a while, and he said "sure, just give me some time to get a few things done around the house". So after we were all ready, the three of us headed over to...guess where?  Ha! Yes, The Deli...we have not been there in so long, bad I know.  So anyway, this is what we had, I suggest you lay like a cloth or something over your keyboard or just sit back, I won't be responsible for any damages your drooling will do.

Eric had:

Deli Eric copy
Crab cakes and a side salad (that looked so good - it's not pictured), he raised his eyes at the plate they served him on. A squashed wine bottle. He ate every bit of it, he did say the crab cakes were a bit spicy.

Jeff had:

Deli Jeff copy
Pan Seared Wild Orange Roughy, Toasted Pecan Quinoa, Cumin Scented Baby Carrots & Herb Butter Sauce - I tried his fish and OMG! I am not a fish person but this was delicious cause it didn't taste fishy. Blake the owner is an amazing chef and he knows how to cook fish.

I had:

Deli Diana copy
Slow Roasted Chicken Breast, Toasted Pecan Quinoa, Cumin Scented Baby Carrots & Herb Butter Sauce - it was really good, our carrots were a little crunchy so I am not sure if they were supposed to be that way, and I didn't want to ask and look like a dork, remember last year when we went for Valentine's Day dinner, and we poured our shooters on our salad thinking it was dressing.  Oopsee!

For desert (I this was not enough), the guys had Peanut Butter & Honey Ice Cream (they always have unique flavors there), and I of course had carrot cake...and I ate pretty much everything.

So all I can say is if you get out to Queen Creek, you have to check out The Deli, you will be glad you did.

So as we were waiting for our check, my BFF Tracy texted me and said to make sure I caught the first 5 minutes of American Idol, so we got home with 15 minutes to spare.  

If you have not seen it, and don't want any spoilers stop reading now.

The first guy with the deep voice was so good, and what was he like 15?  Anyway I was like to Jeff "he'll sing Josh Turner" and sure enough he did, I mean heck what was he gonna sing Tip Toe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim? Not bloody likely. I didn't watch the full two hours but I did catch most of it as I was getting my FLICKs cards cut out, I am really liking the addition of J-Lo and especially Steven Tyler, he is so comical and those facial expressions, and when he sings and hits that high note, and you can see the back of his skull he opens his mouth so wide.  I was a little curious about his taking kind of a shine to the one girl, she even got a hug. Not sure what he meant to say when he was talking to her, as he didn't even say it to be bleeped he just dropped the word. Unlike the beginning when they bleeped him when he said something about a duck. The last singer and the story of him and his fiance had Jeff and I, and even the big old Randy Jackson crying, you could see a big tear fall to the floor when he was standing there, what a sad story, it sure makes you want to be thankful for everything you have and live each day to the fullest.

Well speaking of that, I have used up this whole day as it is almost midnight.  Have an awesome Thursday and thanks for stopping in.

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