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Spring Fling Sneak Peek

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My girlfriend Rhonda came over today and we made the last finishing touches to our upcoming Spring Fling event make n takes. We got some fun displays done too, and we even finally took a break around 7:00 and headed over to the new Olive Garden that just opened by me, they were packed but we got in after waiting about 15 minutes and it was very yummy.  I got this tea with like peach and raspberry or something and I could drink that all day long.

Rhonda just let a bit ago and since it's almost 12:30am, I'm just gonna show a quick sneak peek of one of the make n takes that the girls will be doing at Spring Fling. I will totally post them all after the event, but want to save them for a surprise for the girls attending.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in!

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