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Can you believe it? Yep, I'm making more. Somebody stop me! Quoting Jim Carrey from the Mask.

Today I spent the day in my jammies and made a bunch of these little guys.

I did a few different styles.

I'll finish them tomorrow.

Today I tried a new recipe, and it was really good.  It is a Pioneer Woman recipe called Ranch Style Chicken,  It was so yummy and we had it with our left over Pioneer Woman mashed potatoes from Christmas.

Well I am gonna sign off for today, not much happens in your jammies, punching owl after owl after owl...ha!

Have a great Monday enjoy the last week of the year. Also don't forget that the Holiday mini catalog is winding down as well.

To order anything Stampin' Up! my on-line store is open 24-7  Shop in your jammies!!

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