Obsession or Addiction?
I'm a Stamper...

Happiness Shared...

Note card Happiness Shared 008 copy

...is better then germs shared. 

Today I ran over to the Home Depot to pick up some plastic sheets to protect stuff when we paint the ceiling in my studio tomorrow.

It was a bit cool, so I wore my "I AM Canadian" thermal shirt, so when I walked in the man greeter said "I am what?" and I was like "Canadian", and he was like "oh did you move here?" and I was like I have lived here a long time", then he said "where did you buy a shirt like that here?" and I was like "I didn't, I bought it when I went home to Canada". So in my head I am thinking Sir, can you not see I am germy, I have a stuffed up nose, and my nostrils are all flaky and I have a freakin' cold sore on my lip, do you really want to keep talking to me? If I were him I would have run from me, blowing out my breath so I did not suck up any of my germs, and I would have gone to the bathroom and washed my hands and gargled with warm water. But nope, I tried to push my cart away to shop and he was saying behind me "can I help you find something?" so perhaps he wanted to get sick so that he could take some time off, I really don't know, I told him a couple of the things I was looking for and he sent me on my way to the screw section in the store.

I took down and put away the Christmas decorations today, I needed to dust and they had been up since the end of November so it was time. Now the house seems so big, so I didn't get my owls done. They are living right now in this beautiful heart pewter dish I got from Ellie. I love it!

Owls in heart dish
I also wanted to get away from Christmas stuff for now, although I may go back and share some of the Christmas cards we got this year.

I love having our note cards around. They are Whisper White and come in a 20 pack that includes the envelopes, they are the perfect size for a gift enclosure or a thank you note. They are 5"x 3 1/2", and they are easy to just stamp on, color and mail. No need to go crazy unless you want to.

I kept this card fairly simple, and I stamped the envelope to match.

Note card Happiness Shared 004 copy
Stamp Set: Happiness Shared

Paper: Whisper White

Ink: Jetblack Stazon

Misc: Watercolor Wonder crayons, Watercolor pencils, white gel pen

Well I better sign off for tonight, go take a cold pill and hit the hay, we got some tables to move around in the morning to start painting. For those of you that have asked, nothing has been done yet cabinet wise in the studio so I have not taken any pictures, as soon as they start going in I will, it won't be totally finished till February.

Have a super Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

Signature white 5