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...the bedroom!

Only cause Jeff won't share the ottoman in the living room, so this way I can put my feet up and type. I made sure to stomp out in a huff with Toby following me (cause he's my dog) and slam the bedroom door, Jeff loves drama...NOT! Too funny! Jeff is off tomorrow so he won't read this till the next day.Ha!

I have my desktop computer backing up...for the first time ever! Ouch! that was a kind little hand slap from Kathy's GuRuss! Ha! So anyway I have never backed up the computer before so it has like 70GB of stuff to back up so I think it will be going all night.  The thing I got to back it up is a Hitachi thing and it is 1 Tierbyte. I am supposed to somehow after it back ups to be able to plug my laptop into in and transfer the files I want onto it.  OK. I hope so.  The guy at the store said I could also use it to back up my laptop, so I am assuming I just unhook it and hook it into this? I don't know, I'll be calling to ask cause I wouldn't think that would be good to do that all the time.

I do have to get used to the keyboard on the laptop. Holy Moly the keys look big, and so my fingers are hitting the wrong places. Plus I think the shift and caps lock are in slightly different spot as I keep hitting the caps lock instead of the shift key.  It will all figure itself out.

I do like being able to use my computer other places though. I also got a cordless mouse and that makes using the laptop easier. (especially now since I have been kicked out of the bedroom -Jeff is getting up early and I am back in my studio-ha!)ok so luckily this saved cause my battery died...oops. I dont remember it warning me!

Today I had one of my downline Carri come and help me stuff envelopes.  I have my Stamp a Stack of Christmas cards so she got them all ready to go while I cut ribbon. It was nice visiting with her while we worked.  My internet and house phone were down for about 5 hours or so today. What a pain.

So since I don't have any pictures loaded onto the laptop I don't have anything to share with you. I will get you something tomorrow...promise!

I don't even have my little signature thing on here yet!

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for stopping in.

Hugs, Di