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...but still in the box...ha! I ran out this morning to check on getting a laptop and printer.  I needed a wireless printer, and didn't want to mess with a router or something to use the printers I already have, so I wanted to start fresh.

Yesterday when Melissa and I were together we went to one office supply store and I found the printer I wanted and put it in the cart, we asked the sales girl if the printer would print on cardstock and she checked and said yes, so then she took us to the ink.  Then I said I was also looking to get a laptop so she took us over there.  They did not have a Dell which I kinda was leaning towards, they did have Toshiba though and I had heard they were good.  She said if I got the computer and the printer together that the printer would be $40.00 off, and I was like cool.  Then she was also talking about the extended warranty and said if I got the computer and printer it would be cheaper cause they go on the same warranty, again I thought cool.  Since at the time I was still undecided over the whole 15 or 17 inch and I knew the prices were still good for today I said I would wait on it all and decide later.  I also wanted to head on over to the other office supply that carries the Dell and see what kinda deals they had.  So they had a deal buy the computer and get $40.00 off an HP printer, well I wanted an Epson like the one I had picked at the other store.  So then the guy figured out about how much I would be spending for this and that and I was hmmm...I'm gonna sleep on it, again knowing the prices would be the same today.

Oh and a little tidbit of advice, don't try to close the lid to look at the cover or lift the computer to see how heavy it is, it sets this ungawdly high pitched squeal off and if you wear hearing aids like me, they also start squealing, then they have to come over and turn it off. So the guy was like yeah they are locked down against theft and I was like "well I understand, but it seems bad that I can not even lift and really look at the item I want to buy before I purchase it" I mean he was right there, I was not gonna take it. What a sad world we are in eh?

So the more I thought about it, and looking on line and stuff, I figured I would get the Toshiba, save the $40.00 on the printer, and group them together for the extended warranty.  So I went to the same chain but a different store that was closer to me.  So then I say about the $40.00 off the printer and the guy is like "that is for an HP printer" and I'm like "huh? that's not what the girl said yesterday".  Then when we get to the warranty's I was like "so I can warranty them together for cheaper right?" again the guy is like "nope they are separate warranties".  I'm like what the heck!?  So anyway, I got all I needed, plus an external hard drive back up thing, that was not on the price list from the other store, and I got a better deal then the second office supply with the Dell, so I am happy. BUT the little hum and haw-er in me is gonna call the other office supply store tomorrow and ask on the phone and see what they say, cause I am thinking, if the girl was right about this, shouldn't they have to credit me? Am I being an anal bum? Who knows? Check in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel...HA! POW! BOP!

Back to the blog title...yep it's all still in the boxes, I did take the computer out of the box, and that was it, I never took it out of the plastic or anything, it's back in the box.  I am still cutting paper for class and I know I want to dedicate a day in getting the whole thing set up so I gotta leave it be. Plus I need to back up this computer and want to do that. I am a little scared to be honest. My sister is the computer brain in the family and she is far away in the land of Canada and I do have my blog friend Kathy and her hubby GuRuss that have been the sweetest people with advice, but I like hand holding when it comes to this stuff.  Are you like that too?

So anyway, I wanted to share a beautiful vintage card with you that I got at Founder's Circle, this card was made by Mary Ellen Byler! I love it Mary Ellen...thanks!!

DSCN3060 copy
Stamp Set: French Foliage, Bells & Boughs

Paper: Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla

Ink: Crumb Cake, Always Artichoke, Early Espresso

Misc: Deck the Halls Fabric, Decorative Label punch, Perfect Setting die, Pearls, Victoria ribbon

DSCN3063 copy
I love all the details and she even sewed the fabric and the ribbon on the card. Just gorgeous!

Oh my gosh I forgot to tell you. When I got out to my truck to load all my computer stuff in the back, I was putting it in the back of the truck I have a Nitro SUV so I had lifted the back door thingie, and somehow I must have hit the button on my key so then I hear honk honk bleep bleep and I'm like oops someone's alarm is going off and I look around and then I'm like crap it's me! So then I am like what do I do? So I am pushing the buttons on the keys I close the back door, I go in the truck open the door, start it up the whole time honk honk bleep bleep, and finally I am like screw it! So I go back unload my stuff from the cart into my truck, like this is just a normal thing for me. Meanwhile I am announcing to the whole parking lot, look at me I'm a dork, but I'm a dork with a new lap top and printer.  So I get it all in the truck, I push the cart aside, and I get in and its still honk honk bleep bleep, the flashers are flashing, so I turn the key and think that will stop it, nope, so I am like thinking oh well, so I back up and start to drive around the parking lot, I figured I need to find a small corner in the lot where I could hide to call my hubby, but then the thing shut up. Geesh, what the heck, I really need to find out the magic words to make it stop in case I ever do that again, because "you piece of &^%$!! Shut the *&%!! up" is not them . So then I drove home and went no where else.

Ok enough blabbing from me today, have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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