Black Friday Madness
In the House...


Don't you wish you could know what they were thinking? Know what they were saying when they bark or whine at you?  I know I sure do with Toby, I think we would have lovely conversations.

Have you seen this commercial? It makes us laugh when the dog is dreaming about his bone and tossing and turning in his bed.


Well the other day I gave Toby a cookie, they are these tasty pretzel shape graham cookie things I got from a home party I had.  I had given Toby one a couple days ago and he ran off with it and I figured he was going to eat it.  Then about 15 minutes later I had to go pee, so as I am sitting there, in he comes with that cookie and starts to eat it, and I am thinking where the heck was that this whole time? 

So I gave him another one the other day and then I watched him.  First he headed over to the couch and he jumped up and proceeded to pretend to dig in the couch like he would the ground, and I was like "hey that's enough of that, you'll dig a hole in the leather".  So I chased him down off the couch, then he walked around the living room and you could almost see the wheels turning in his head "where do I put it, the Mum human says I can't bury it in the couch, the boy human will be home soon and he eats everything!" so then he looks at his toy box (this is an old suit case, remember those hard ones with the mirror in the lid? I think it was for traveling with your toiletries- I keep his toys in it on the floor - Oh you should see him go nuts, when he looks in the mirror on the lid and catches my reflection it it, he thinks I'm in the other room...and will look around the corner ha!) ok back to this story.  So he gets his front two feet into the little suitcase and then starts digging in there.  Then he drops the cookie in there and climbs out.  Then he walks around about three minutes, then he is back into the suitcase and gets it out, then off he goes.  Well by this time I am calling my BFF Tracy to tell her how crazy Toby is, and she has never seen the commercial, so since I found it and posted it now she will and so will you if you have not seen it. (what did we ever do before YouTube?)

So then he came back out and I was like what the heck did he do with it. So I head to the bedroom cause that is where he went, and then he ran lickety split ahead of me and went into the closet and he must have hidden it in the laundry, cause out he comes with it.  Then he decided I better eat this dang thing before the human does (did I say I can eat a whole bag? yeah and well I do believe it says serves 8).  So crazy.  See wouldn't you love to know what they think?

Well I had a fun day today, shopping (OMG! it was nuts and I didn't head out till 9:30), met up with Melissa and we did some shopping, we went to the movie Due Date.  It was funny, not as funny as Hang Over, but pretty funny just the same. Then we headed over to Cantina Laredo, I had a coupon for free quacamole and we got dessert to share. We are cheap dates eh?  Then we did some more shopping.  We were looking at Christmas trees (didn't get one, but we got some cute ornaments), and then laptops and printers (didn't get one, but will head out again tomorrow). My sister says to get a 17", but that seems so big to travel with so I am thinking 15 or 16 inches.  I know there is probably not much difference...ha! I need a laptop for Leadership in January so I gotta get me one.  Plus at home I think I will be using a docking station with my laptop so will use my 24 inch screen.  But it seems like the 17 inchers have better processors and stuff, so will ask a few more questions tomorrow. They probably run when they see me coming. Staples said they could move what I want from this computer over to the laptop too, but would take a day or two...ugh! Don't think I can go without a computer for that long.

So I wanted to share a card with you that was a swap from Founder's Circle, this card was made by Andrea Walford. Thanks Andrea!!

DSCN3058 copy
Stamp Set: Seasonal Sentiments, Tags Til Christmas

Paper: Crumb Cake, Chocolate Chip, Real Red, Whisper White

Ink: Real Red, Chocolate Chip

Misc: Perfect Polka Dots Embossing Folder,Scallop trim border punch, rhinestone and dazzling diamonds

Well this old gal is gonna say nightie night and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks so much for stopping in! 

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