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Awning Card Tutorial

So I showed you this awesome card the other day, I got it from Elsie Camp in a swap at convention.

DSCN2849 copy

A few of you have asked for directions, so today I did up a video of me doing the card and for the first time I used movie maker on my computer and I edited the video (thinking oh how smart I was). Holy moly it took forever, cause I didn't really know what I was doing...trial and error...lots of errors..Ha!

Now I am going to see if I can upload it here or if I have to go through Youtube...ok since there is no little buttons to add a video without having it somewhere on the internet, looks like I am off to Youtube to upload it, crossing my fingers I didn't do something to it in the editing place to mess it up. says it might not be a valid something or other, but now it is doing something...for pete's sake, if I wasted hours editing it and it does not load, you will hear me that did not work, so looks like I will upload it without the editing and the word scrolling and all that stuff...bleep!! bleep!

OK, so here it is plain, nothing fancy, it still says that other video I tried to upload is doing something, so who knows...well I finally deleted the other one. 


Give it a try! It is so cool, let me know if you have any questions, when I was doing the editing I was able to add tips and stuff, and now that is not on here, cause it would not work on the YouTube thing.  Jeff even watched it and said it looked cool. I'll ask around, or if any of you know what I can use for that kinda thing, please let me know.

Have an awesome Tuesday and thanks for stopping in!

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

DSCN2856 copy

Have you ever seen that movie?  It has been years since I did, it was kinda creepy I remember that, and didn't someone's hand have an eye or something?  I am not sure, with Halloween right around the corner it might be good to look for it. Along with Rocky Horror Picture Show, that's a classic.  My BFF Tracy said she thought she saw an ad on TV for an episode of Glee where they are going to do that.  I need to get my butt in gear and find out when that show is on, it's like I just happen upon it and never remember what night.

Added: OMG! I am dancing with GLEE - look what I found, and I hope it comes through...


This morning I made some more cinnamon rolls, I had made two batches for our block party a couple weeks ago and our niece Lauren and her beau Josh loved them so we were going over to check out their new house that they just bought (they just moved here from Illinois) and I thought I would make them up a batch, plus we also took them half a dozen eggs from the girls.  Their house is so beautiful and I am so proud of both of them, and we love having them close by.

Before we left my sister in law Patty and our niece Emma (hey girls!!) came over cause they were gonna follow us over to Lauren's and we ended up not having to go over till later, so what do you think us three girls did?

IMG_0809 copy
We stamped!  The girls made the little halloween cones that I showed you a few days ago.

IMG_0811 copy
Here's Emma showing off the little cones, they are so fun to make, she is going to decorate her room with them.

IMG_0812 copy
You can't have fun without making a mess right?  I gotta get that cleaned up, I have a jam-packed busy day tomorrow so I totally gotta get it all straightened out so I can make heads or tails of my got-to-do list.

I don't think I ever showed you this adorable box that I made at my upline and dear friend Rhonda (hey honey, what is up?) shoebox swap a couple months ago.  In fact, I didn't get it made that night and did it at home and am hoping I did it right.

Cause I am not sure how Rhonda had the box handles on the master one, but I think this is what she did, so this is what I did from memory.

DSCN2857 copy
Isn't that neat? I put a jumbo eyelet in there first so the hole did not rip.

DSCN2853 copy
These are the items used to make the box.

Stamp Set: Wicked Cool (#118738)

Paper: 12x12 Basic Black (#119922), Pumpkin Pie (#105117), Old Olive (#100702), Wicked Fun DSP (#117400), Whisper White (#100730)

Ink: Rich Razzleberry marker (#120970), Old Olive marker (#100079), Pumpkin Pie marker (#105115), Basic Black marker (#100082)

Misc: 1 3/4" circle punch (#119850), Circles #2 die (#114526), 2 3/8" scallop circle punch (#118874), Basic jewels rhinestones (#119246), Striped pumpkin pie ribbon (#115616), Taffeta black ribbon 1/8" (#119261), Spider web embossing folder (#120889), Fancy favor die (#115965), I stuck some tule in it.

I think that is everything. I tried to pretend to put it in as an order and then copy the little order box dealie over here and it would not work. In fact, now it has messed up this post and won't let me use the backspace button to get rid of spaces, and stuff. Gotta love computers eh? In fact tonight my danged old computer did the old wanting to rename the file normal.dat or something, and I am crap what is that?



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The Girl's Get Some New Digs

Jeff and I got chatting the other day (or maybe it was just me) but anyway we (I) decided it might be nice to add onto the coop to give the girls (a.k.a. The Gnomes) some more room to run around.  We don't want them to be free range chickens cause our property is only fenced in almost all the way, but where you drive in it is not, so from time to time we have dogs, cats, coyotes, you name in wander in here, and I would be sick if anything happened to them. So although it might sound mean to keep them caged at least they are safe from harm.

So Jeff designed a cool run and went to Home Depot to get the wood and wire.

IMG_20101021_152306 copy
Then he started building, the weather is definitely nicer then when he built the coop (probably 50 degrees nicer).  He has a bunch of days off so he has been busy around the house...and coop! ha! So this took him no time at all to make, I can say that cause I stay in the house and stamp or do house stuff, and only go out once in a while to make sure he has not nailed himself to anything, so it really took all day.

IMG_20101022_113220 copy
Then the next day he went back to the store and got paint, more wire and latches.  At first he was gonna make a door on hinges so that when I need to clean it, I would lift it up and step in to clean. But then I was like why don't you just make like a lid that you can remove so it latches down, that would be easier. And he agreed that it really would be easier, so that is what he did.  Then he had the neighbor help him carry it over to the coop.

IMG_0779 copy
So they set it in place, and the girls were checking it out through the wire.

Clara: Braack!! What's that?

Alice: Braack!! Looks like someone's moving in next door!

Stella: Braack!! I hope their nice!

Gertie: Braack!! I hope their cute!!

IMG_0783 copy
So Jeff climbed inside so he could cut away the wire from the coop so they could go back and forth between the two.  I will also have a way to close them off, so when I clean them I can lock them in the other part and not have to worry about them getting out.

Clara: Well he's kinda cute, I love that mustache!

Alice: Yeah but he's not my type.

Stella: Isn't he with that female that feeds us?

Gertie: Hey handsome, I love mustache rides!!! (we don't call her Dirty Gertie for nothing)

IMG_0787 copy
Eric dumps some of the pine shavings inside.  We don't have to spread it out, as I have learned the girls take care of that themselves.

IMG_0788 copy
Jeff latches the lid.

IMG_0790 copy
Now someone (me) had to go inside and explain to the girls how it works, and that person (me) had to climb under the ramp and under where they lay to do this.  This person (me) did it cause they are pretty tame with me, and the guys are too big to get under there.  So I got them so they knew how to go back and forth, and they were like really liking it.

IMG_0799 copy
So it didn't take them long to start scratching down the pine shavings and starting digging their new digs.

IMG_0803 copy
Jeff put one of these in each corner so we can remove the lid, and so they are secure.  I asked Jeff "how will I know which way it goes when I go to put it back on?" and he said "I marked it".

Just like a man...this is how he marked it:

IMG_0805 copy
North (or in my head - Never)

IMG_0807 copy
East (Eat)

IMG_0804 copy
South (Soggy)

IMG_0806 copy
West (Wheat)

I had no clue that the RV trailer was facing North, well I do now. I suck at directions, I'll just be spinning the lid around till it fits..shh!!!!  In fact that is how I know what is beside North..cause I say in my head Never Eat Soggy Wheat.  When I drive, I am like saying that in my head.."now I am turning Never (north) this is East" Yeah bet you can't wait to get in the car with me eh?  ha!

IMG_20101022_163736 copy
Look at them checking it out.

Clara: Hey this dirt is much more fresher!

Alice: I found a bug!

Stella: Hey now I can strut my stuff!

Gertie: Where the heck are the guys?

So you can see the girls in action, I took a short little video.

Hope you have enjoyed checking out the girls. We sure are enjoying them!

Have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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Happy Birthday BFF

  DSCN2851 copy

The girls are coming over for Stamp Club tomorrow and one time at class Lois, one of the ladies in club saw this swap card I got from Elsie Camp and she asked if we could do it, and I said sure we would do it for club.  So thanks Lois for asking and thanks Elsie for the card to copy. I love it and I hope the girls do and you do too!

DSCN2849 copy 
Stamp Set: Birthday Bakery 

Paper: Pretty in Pink, Shimmery White, Soft Suede

Ink: Jetblack Stazon, Sahara Sand, Soft Suede, Poppy Parade, Wild Wasabi, Pretty in Pink, Baja Breeze

Misc: Square Lattice Embossing folder, oval punch, scalloped oval punch, scallop edge border punch, word window punch

Here is the side view...

DSCN2852 copy

Isn't this so cute, doesn't it make you want to sit under the awning and eat cake?

Well you know who I want to eat cake with today?  My BFF Tracy!!! It's her birthday today and I sure wish I was with her. Isn't it cool her birthday is one day after Eric's?   We have been planning our Stampin' Up! Leadership trip to Nashville in January and that has us excited, so our daily chats, and emails and stuff will have to do till then.  But she knows I love her and am sending a big hug, and a spanking or two for her birthday today!  I am sure her hubby Steve has something up his sleeve to surprise her with...right Steve?

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Jeff built an addition on to the coop, that you don't want to miss.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in!

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Golden Birthday Boy


It's hard to believe but Eric turns 22 today, and since it is the 22nd, I think they call that your Golden Birthday.  I told Eric I wanted to take some pictures to put on my blog, and he was like "ok whatever". So here he is, the goofball. You can see how he was goofing off.
IMG_0776 copy
Here he is saying take the picture already, I got a video game to get back to.
IMG_0777 copy
Here's a better one! He is getting so big, and he won't shave, and it drives me nuts, and then out of the blue he will shave and he looks so much better, then he grows it again. I guess there could be worse things eh?  We had our annual sit down with his support coordinator and we are working on his goals so that he will eventually hopefully be able to move out and perhaps live in an apartment with another person where they have someone that comes in and keeps track of them, but not a group home kind of place.  We even thought about building a small home on our property so he would have his space (this sounds bad, but then we would have our space too..shhh!!! did I say that out loud?) but he would still have us to make sure he was ok.  I think I will worry about him until I die.
Mike is his friend and HAB worker and he brought Eric a cake, so Jeff lit the candles, Eric wanted all 22 of them on there.
IMG_0774 copy
Then he blew them out, and we ate the cake BEFORE supper, now shouldn't that be how it always is?
IMG_0775 copy
Happy Birthday Eric, we love you and are so very proud of you!
Button Shares are Here!!!

So I have been putting together some button shares for you.  This will allow you to get the buttons you want at a great price.

The buttons are gorgeous this year, and so shiny, and the Big Designer Buttons, oh my gosh they are Beautiful.

I have a few different versions of how you can get the buttons, please see below:

Big Designer Buttons Only Share
Big Button Deck the Halls
Big Button Candy Cane
You will get one of each of all these buttons (for a total of 24 buttons), the colors are: Cherry Cobbler, Very Vanilla, Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, Garden Green, Baja Breeze, Blushing Bride, and Real Red - these buttons are beautiful and the largest ones are about the size of a quarter!!

The cost is $10.00 per set, and that includes priority shipping, they will be packaged in a ziplock bag and mailed in a priority box.


Designer & Bitty Buttons Only Share
Buttons Share no Big Tin
Shown in the Tin or

Buttons Share no Big Box
Shown in the plastic box

You will get one of each of all these buttons (I have tins and I have plastic boxes that they will be shipped in).  I have a limited amount of each container.  The container is a bonus and you are not being charged for it, it is just a cute and convenient way to mail them to you inside the priority box.  I will wrap them in tissue but if the little container get damaged in the mail, I am unable to replace it. I hope you understand. If I run out of containers your buttons will ship in a ziplock bag, I will let you know ok.

In this button share you will receive:
Designer Buttons in the Four Color Collections - you will get one of each design in the 6 colors for a total of 72 buttons and the
Bitty Buttons - you will get four of each in each of the four shapes for a total of 16 buttons.

Plus a surprise little goodie!

The cost is $17.00 per set, and that includes priority shipping.


Best Deal Button Share - save $4.50
Button Share all tinButton Share all box
You will get one of each of all the buttons (it is both Button Shares listed above put together) same information applies for the tins and plastic boxes as I stated before.

Plus a surprise little goodie! Please note: only one goodie per order.

The cost is $22.50 and that includes priority shipping.

If you live in Arizona and want to pick yours up, just let me know so I can give you your cost, cause then you will not have a shipping charge. So don't use the paypal things, I will send you an invoice instead.

The turn around for the packages will probably be a couple weeks at the most, as I will need to order them, get them in,  packaged, and off to the PO.  I will let you know if there are any slow downs with back orders or anything.

These button share packages are available from me only, and will only be available to be shipped within the United States.

If you are interested in ordering a Button Share or have any questions, please let me know.  Just send an email to or call me at 602-339-2776.

Please let me know right away if you want one, and definitely before October 30. Supplies will be limited.

Holler at me if you have any questions.
Have a super Friday and thanks for stopping in!
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