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The day that we went antique shopping and to the Mountain Country store we stopped at a popular spot for taking pictures, its an old water mill place.  Steve played photographer and Tracy and I "pretended to be models".  Although I don't believe that once did Steve say "work it girls!" We had one of the best pictures taken of us together at convention one year and we tried to duplicate it.  Of course we were a few years younger...ha! Hey it was worth a shot eh?  And it was fun!

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Here's where we walked over the bridge, and the water was flowing so hard and fast cause of all the rain that they had lately.

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Look at the cool bat house nailed to a tree. I think the bottom open part is where the batmobile comes flying out to rescue all the damsels in distress.

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Isn't it pretty? Look at that green grass.

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This building looks like it could use a bit of sticky strip to hold it up.  I don't think I would want to go in there.

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Here we are near an old tree, I didn't want to touch the tree cause I had just picked up this cute sweater at the outlet mall, it is so soft, and has short sleeves plus it covers up my muffin top. I love it!

IMG_0621 copy
Tracy wanted us to switch places cause my sweater blended into the tree.  I like this one the best anyway! Sucks my glasses turn into sunglasses in the sun, but if I take them off I look like a freak. It is what it is as MAMMa says!

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After all our picture taking we felt a little thirsty.  Anyone for a drink?

The pump was a little old and rusty and was hard to get a drop out of it, so I thought I would give it a try.

IMG_0623 copy
I couldn't get it to work either, plus the only "cups" we had on us were B and C or maybe A...who knows, but they wouldn't hold water anyway!! ha!

So looks like we had to get a drink somewhere else. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

Have an awesome Monday and thanks for stopping in!


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