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Mary's RAK

Make sure you say that R.A.K.  - Random Act of Kindness.

In 2004, I was asked to help as a make n take helper at the Stampin' Up! Convention (I think this was the first time I had ever helped). This is back when we had those tall tables and you stood up to do your make n takes.  I met some fun girls doing that, Jan House is one and we are friends still and I can hardly wait to hang with her at Founder's Circle.  Robin Rouch was one (where is she?), Darlene and I can not remember her last name, and another special friend Mary Polcin. Our boss was Connie Jewkes from the home office, and I got to see her again after all these years at Linda's Evening to Remember event.

Ok, back to the story, you know how easy I get side tracked...now we worked all day, stamping, teaching, cleaning stamps and reinking pads, and it was a lot of fun, and I liked it cause I got to meet a lot of Demonstrators cause they had to come to our table to make their stuff.  But what I liked was how us girls would chit chat and we got to be friends.

So I remember Mary swapped me this gorgeous rose card and explained how she did it, and she was, and is to this day, the nicest person, so down to earth and all.

So you can imagine my surprise when at awards night they are announcing the Top Demonstrators and I think Mary was number one as she has been many many times since.  And I looked around at the girls I was with and I was like "hey that's my Mary...from make n takes!!".  I had no idea I was working with a Star!!! I stood up and clapped so hard, as I still do to this day. Way to go Mary!!! 

So ever since then, she always has a hug and a goodie for me at events and this year OMG! look what I got.

Mary Polcin Just Believe
Hand stamped by Mary Polcin

Mary Polcin Christmas
Hand stamped by Mary Polcin....drool is mine.

and they all came in this cute little tote.

Mary Polcin tote
Isn't she the sweetest?  

I sometimes wonder what the heck I did to deserve to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, well that might not be the right wording.  But I mean, I was just minding my own business working for an accountant, I just asked a client what she did for her craft business, she sewed and stuff at the time.  I bought a few rabbits and angels from her, then one day she sent me a postcard saying "look what I am doing now" and the postcard had the cutest row of bird houses stamped on the bottom, and it caught my eye and I was like hmmmm...what's that?  

I called her and since we were having our house built at the time and we were living in a little apartment,  I had a friend host a workshop, then I booked a workshop once our house was done, I kept ordering and ordering, then one day I said "how much to join so I can get the discount", I figured I might as well save some money and pay myself.  I signed up and the rest is history.  I really only signed on for the discount, I bet most of the Demonstrators say the same thing.  I didn't have a clue what it would bring to my life and my families lives, all the friends I have made, how I am not as scared to get up and talk to strangers anymore, the trips we have been on, and not to mention earning money too. Who-da thunk it?

OK, enough of my blabbering, have a blessed Sunday and thanks for stopping in!

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