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The Electric Slide - Stampin' Up! Style

Gotta love it! Isn't this the neatest video? The music is the theme song from this year's convention.


Tracy and I always say that it's not convention till someone pees their pants.  Now I won't tell you who did, but it definitely WAS convention.

The last night we were at convention we had a couple wine coolers and we wanted to drink them but we needed ice.  We both had our nighties on, that almost were identical. In fact I carried around the grey nightie for a while at the store and then decided on the green one, and Tracy had the grey one..ha!

So anyway, we figured it was almost midnight no one would be in the hall, I grabbed the ice bucket and Tracy had the room key, we figured it would be a good weapon, it looked like it could take out an eye.

So we get over to the ice machine cubby hole thing and we are loading up the ice bucket, clunkety clunk as the ice falls into the pail, first we had to fix the bag liner as the first few ice cubes bunched it all to the bottom, and then some guy walks by, and I don't think he seen us, so we stood really still, and then I peeked my head out to see if he was gone and he was turning around to come back, so we ran lickety split back to our room, ice bucket in hand and flip flops, flapping the whole way...and that is when the peeing happened.  Not a lot, but enough to warrant a change of underpants...don't ya love it?

I am so excited Lynsay Mahon is coming over tomorrow, she wants to hang out and have me teach her how to color.  She is in AZ just for a couple days, and won't be here for my watercolor class.  I am going to take her to the Deli.  Yum!

Have an awesome Thursday, I'll be back tomorrow with some more display cards.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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