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Well, well, well...

...no sense no feeling? Well the feeling came back once the circulation was restored...ouch!

I found my "lost" ear ring when I was getting ready for bed last night...um...you will never guess where it was and what it was hooked around...go ahead and try. Here's a hint, it rhymes with ripple.

So I called the dentist about my tooth and he said give it another week but if it does not better I need to go back in and might need a root canal...I think lets just yank em all out and start from scratch eh?

So no stamping today...well I did go to MAMMa's class tonight, so I have four days of shares for you starting tomorrow. The cards were so much fun, and the class was even better, some of the regulars could not make it, so we missed them, but MAMMa and Mandy and I had a blast!

But this kept me busy today...can you say Catalogs in the House!!!???!!!!

DSCN1952 copy
These are all packaged up ready to go to their new homes. If you have reserved a catalog, it is ready to be picked up, or it will be going in the mail tomorrow, I am getting Jeff to help me, they are gonna weigh a ton, so I am glad he is here to help me.  Gotta get them to the PO by 9am, so I can be back for class at 10am. Can I do it?  Sure...

If you are interested in a catalog, please let me know.  I still have some available, so holler at me before you use the PayPal link here

Well this old girl is headed for bed, gotta get up bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow.

Have an awesome Saturday and thanks for stopping in.

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